3 Pieces of Tech That Will Give You an Authentic Metaverse Experience

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With more and more companies looking to build immersive virtual experiences for end users, creating authentic and original activities in The Metaverse will prove a daunting challenge for the majority of developers. One way to bridge the gap is by creating or harnessing accessories and tech that will only serve to enhance the overall experience. We already know about VR headsets and motion controllers, but there’s so much more out there just waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a look at some cool pieces of cutting-edge tech and gadgets that will revolutionize how we use and interact in The Metaverse.

1. Meta Haptic Feedback Gloves

Before we add any AR and VR tech into the mix, we need to think about physical interaction and haptic accessories. And what could possibly be better than gloves with haptic feedback? Feeling the weight of a heavy object in your hand like a sword is just one of the many experiences the latest haptic gear can deliver. Fortunately Meta is actively working on developing this type of wearable tech. They’re also looking to add touch sensitivity for whenever you interact with objects in The Metaverse.

Honestly, I just want to punch an Orc in VRHonestly, I just want to punch an Orc in VR

While haptic feedback isn’t by any means new, the technology, at least when applied to VR and AR, is a real game changer. For starters, we’ll be able to touch and feel virtual objects just like we do in real life. We’ll also be able to manipulate these objects in real time. Meta’s haptic gloves come fitted with 15 triggering actuators (plastic pads) that basically add pressure to your hands and fingers, so the sensation is very realistic. The gloves also inflate and deflate depending on how you interact with an object (not to mention the type of object you’re interacting with). This results in a sensation of resistance that will work in conjunction with audio cues to ensure that the overall experience is as immersive and authentic as possible.

2. The KAT Walk C2 Treadmill

Have you ever worn a VR headset and been so immersed in a game that you end up tripping over your couch or bumping into a wall? Nothing messes up a good VR gaming session faster than sucker punching your flat screen TV (not speaking from experience by the way). For those of us with limited space, truly immersing ourselves in a VR experience can be difficult—and dangerous at times. Luckily the people at KAT VR are already thinking about how to safely bring our wildest flailing movements into The Metaverse.

This is how people run in VR - get used to it!This is how people run in VR - get used to it!

Now we can finally play pretty much any game that requires locomotion and have a more immersive experience without worrying about karate chopping our prized collection of Russian nesting dolls (also, no, not speaking from experience). And what’s more, now nobody can tell you to go outside and get some exercise! KAT VR calls the KAT Walk C2 a ‘VR Treadmill,’ so technically it’s like a gym membership without the subscription fees and sweaty people waiting in line to use that one piece of equipment.

3. Mojo AR Contact Lens

The team at Mojo Vision is working really hard on harnessing the full potential of AR tech. The problem with these types of devices, and the difficulty of implementing them, revolves around creating a power source compact enough that would actually work.

With this in mind, the Mojo Lens uses a microLED display that is the size of a single grain of sand! It’s powered by solid-state batteries built into a scleral lens that also helps correct your vision (according to the Mojo Vision team at least).

The production and development of the Mojo Lens is still ongoing, but the team has already managed to carry out a handful of successful trials. The ability to overlay information this way in the physical world will be a major breakthrough for how we interact with information and the world around us. According to Mojo, the days of looking down at and tapping our phones is going to feel primitive in hindsight.

Weaving It All Together

While each of these pieces of tech would enrich our experience in a metaverse, the truth is that we’re still in the very early stages. Once a metaverse platform figures out how to utilize different pieces of tech to provide us with a world where we can touch, feel, and move unencumbered by our real-world surroundings, that will be the tipping point that leads to the realization of The Metaverse that we all hope for and dream about.

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Ray doesn't believe the metaverse will be viable until we can engage in hand to hand combat via haptic suits.

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