5 Upcoming VR Games to Check Out in September 2022!

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VR games are gaining traction with each passing day, and with more developers jumping in to tackle the challenging world of VR game production, there are new offerings every single week. So if you’re an out-and-out fan of VR gaming, this is exactly what you’re looking for! Let’s take a look at 5 VR games you’ll soon be able to purchase and play in September 2022!

Punch Fit

Punch Fit isn’t so much about boxing and combat as it is about, well, fitness. Developed by “The Strippers” (kind of a weird name, but we’ll roll with it), Punch Fit is a VR experience designed specifically to help you reach your personal fitness goals. As the name of the game suggests, you’ll need to dodge and weave to avoid incoming blows, work on a range of different combos and go all-out as you swing your arms around and get your body moving.

Punch Fit

Despite its pretty simple design, Punch Fit looks like it’s a real workout, and since you can configure the intensity to suit your level of experience and personal preferences, it’s ideal for pretty much anyone looking to improve their health at home (or anywhere else for that matter). As a bonus, you can collect up to 100 different skins as a reward for working out consistently and staying the course with your fitness program. There are also 50 different workouts to choose from, so you should have more than enough options.

Upcoming updates to Punch Fit include new environments, new workouts, new actions and a whole lot more. It might be generous to call Punch Fit a “game” in the truest sense, but it looks like a lot of fun, and since it’s focused on fitness, it definitely has some major benefits outside of simple entertainment.

The slated Release Date for Punch Fit is September 12 2022

Paradox of Hope

Paradox of Hope is allegedly being developed by a one-man team (is that even a thing?) called Monkey-with-a-Bomb (gotta love these developer names). Anyway, for a VR game that’s being worked on by just one person, Paradox of Hope looks pretty damn impressive. I have a feeling that if you like the Metro franchise , you’re going to love this.

So the story takes place in post-apocalyptic Moscow (yup, that’s ripped straight from Metro) and combines horror and FPS elements. You’ll be able to take on your enemies in straight-up combat or avoid detection using stealth. It’s not a particularly original formula or plot by any means, but hey, most games have a “storyline” so you can shoot stuff and go on an adventure, so it’s all good…

Paradox of Hope

Now what Paradox of Hope may lack in originality, it makes up for in gameplay and visual excellence. Judging by the in-game footage I’ve seen, this is a really polished offering and something that quite a number of people are looking forward to. Heck, I may just take a shot at this one myself. And again, this is just one developer, so let’s give this guy a massive round of applause—whole studios of devs have spent more time and money and produced far inferior stuff, so credit where credit is due.

Oh, and something else that gets overlooked often but I have to mention here is the sound design in Paradox of Hope. The gun sounds are realistic and sharp, and the general SFX are really on-point, so extra points for that. In truth I feel like I’m not talking about this game enough, but just check out that trailer and tell me you aren’t hyped. Go on, I dare you!

The slated Release Date for Paradox of Hope is September 15 2022


Requisition by Arcadia VR is a 4-player online co-op survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world. To summarize this VR zombie survival game, it’s kinda like a cross between Left 4 Dead , Dead Rising and a decent dollop of Fortnite .

Again no real points for originality, but with that said, what Arcadia has done here is create a pretty interesting blend of different (and highly successful) games franchises in VR. My assumption is that by using the best elements of these franchises in their own VR offering, Arcadia hopes to give fans an end product that’s suitably well-rounded and super fun to play.

Now the L4D comparison should be obvious with the whole four player thing and, well…zombies. But where the Dead Rising element comes in is with the crafting mechanism the game features. Yup, just like in DR, you can combine different household items to create a custom weapon that is as deadly as it is entirely ridiculous looking. The idea here is to get as creative as possible and have some fun experimenting with different combinations, which obviously adds to the game’s immersiveness and replayability.


On top of the well thought-out and intricate crafting mechanism, Requisition also looks and feels great. The environments have a ton of items lying around that you can actually use, and the zombies are pretty damn creepy to boot. I haven’t even been able to try this game and just from the trailer I’m really excited to play it. Requisition may be a little derivative in plot, but you can tell there’s a lot of time and effort that’s gone into the game’s core mechanics and aesthetic. What am I trying to say? Simple: I’m sold!

The slated Release Date for Requisition is September 22 2022

The Great Ocean

Here’s hoping you don’t suffer from thalassophobia , because The Great Ocean by Actrio Studio is all about exploring that deep blue wet thing with all the fish. What’s it called again?

So yeah, The Great Ocean allows you to travel across the sea floor and float alongside majestic whales, shoals of colorful fish, and all manner of deep sea beasties. On top of this, you’ll be able to upgrade your ROV submarine and go on quests to uncover sunken submarines, World War II shipwrecks and Caribbean coral reefs. And get this, the wrecks you find are all based on actual vessels and aircraft lying on the ocean floor! That’s pretty awesome!

Graphically The Great Ocean is a little on the simple side, but the vast environments, beautiful colors and wide array of sea animals more than make up for this. It’s clear that the game mostly focuses on educating people about the ocean and why it’s so important that we keep its waters as pristine as possible.

The Great Ocean

The Great Ocean looks like good clean fun for all ages and should provide players with many hours of fun. There are already several different environments to check out, and more will be on the way soon! Come to think of it, if you do have thalassophobia, then The Great Ocean should help you overcome your fear and realize that the ocean is an incredible ecosystem teeming with wondrous (and precious) life.

The slated Release Date for The Great Ocean is September 23 2022


Our last entry for this list is Reflection by Pinta Studios . In this VR experience you’ll solve puzzles that have a distinct Chinese flavor. In Reflection, players will manipulate a range of objects and position mirrors in order to solve different physics-based challenges. While Reflection is graphically highly stylized and minimalistic, there’s little denying that the game has a really sleek style that I’m sure will resonate with a lot of players.

I definitely like the strong Chinese cultural influence here, and from what I understand, each of the puzzles (or at least a few of them) relate directly to Chinese mythology in some or other way. The in-game mechanics are pretty unique, and the addition of mirrors definitely makes the game’s design that much more original.

In many ways standing inside the world of Reflection feels like you’re immersed in some motif on the side of a Ming vase or rendering from the annals of the country’s long and storied history. The pagodas, delicate trees and stripped down color palette makes it seem like a 2D world has come to life and turned 3D, and I think it’s transposed pretty well in Reflection.


The emphasis in Reflection seems to be more on gameplay, appreciating your surroundings and using your wits to solve fun challenges than on graphic realism. If you want to chill out and feel a sense of relief after a long day of work, then Reflection may just be the VR game you never knew you needed.

The slated Release Date for Reflection is September 30 2022

That’s a Wrap For September!

And that wraps up our rundown of 5 promising VR games you’ll be able to pick up in September. Of course there are a bunch of other VR games releasing, and you should totally check them out. These are just our personal picks that we think are worth looking at, but maybe you think there’s a game that should be here that we missed. If that’s the case, let us know on one of our social media channels.

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So do you agree with our picks? Which game(s) do you want to try out? Hit us up on our socials and be sure to let us know what you think!

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