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Good Morning MSQ friends! How’s it going? You know what time it is? Yup, it’s another killer Discovery of the Day! MSQ just moved into its Open Beta, meaning you can sign up for a profile and start exploring all the site has to offer right now! From Monday to Friday we bring you some of the best projects from across the cryptosphere. Whether it’s NFTs, DeFi or Blockchain games, you’ll find it all right here on MSQ! Today we bring you something bitter, hot and delicious that goes by the name of…Crypto Baristas!

Not Just Your Average (Cup of) Joe

Coffee—the dark, aromatic, slightly acidic beverage that gives us a much-needed boost in the morning was introduced to the world all the way back in the 15th century. A strong coffee gives you the energy you need to get your work done (or stay up all night gaming)—it’s a truly glorious drink that most of us probably couldn’t go a day without. In today’s day and age, cafés and coffee shops, with their calming atmosphere, delicious food and all-encompassing smell of fresh coffee, are a favorite meeting place for millions of people around the world!

In fact, coffee is so ubiquitous that it’s even found its way into the ever-evolving world of Blockchain technology! Are you surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. At this point, if you can dream it, it can almost certainly be made into some kind of token or asset. So get yourself a cup and get ready, because this project is going places, and fast!

A double shot of espresso there Mr. Dangerfield?

Crypto Baristas consists of hand-drawn characters whose purchase helps back the world’s first NFT-funded café in New York City. The charming design of Crypto Baristas is the result of Tony Bui’s expertly executed work while the project itself was created and is managed by Coffee Bros , which is operated by Dan and Nick. They are a New York City-based coffee roastery that focuses on sustainability, building stronger ties with local communities, and strengthening the economies and ecosystems of the countries from which their products originate.

The goal of Crypto Baristas is to build a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate art, caffeine, entrepreneurship, and innovation - Dan Hunnewell

It is the hope that, through Crypto Baristas, the team will be able to open a physical space in NYC where art and innovation is the focus. The future of Crypto Baristas beyond that will be up to the holders and followers of their campaign, because ‘In the world of Crypto Baristas, everyone matters.’

Crypto Baristas is, at the time of writing, in the midst of Season 1, which consists of just 60 characters. These characters are split up into 3 different rarities, namely Barista, Master Barista and World Barista Champ. The higher the rarity level, the rarer the traits!

One of the best things about owning a Crypto Barista is that it gives holders plenty of utility. The team truly believes that its holders should have a say in the future of the project. For this reason, owning one or more Crypto Baristas confers voting rights to each and every holder. There’s more though—owning a Barista comes with Caffeine Perks, access to the Barista Bank & Early Access to Season 2! You can find out what each of these aspects means below:

‘Some potential uses for the Barista Bank may include providing support to charitable organizations in the coffee space, advancing the Crypto Baristas project, or starting something completely new…’

Now we’ve done enough talking about Crypto Baristas, so let’s quench our thirst and show you some of these Blockchain-based Baristas right now!


Master Barista

World Barista Champ

Follow the Trail of Coffee Beans

Crypto Baristas is brewing some pretty cool stuff and have plenty planned for the future. This includes launching awesome-looking merchandise, continuing to release Season 1, initial café concepts and much more! View the full Roadmap below 👇

This is just an abridged version of the original Roadmap. If you would like to view the whole list of items in its entirety, please click here

Sugary Stats

Crypto Baristas Season 1 is still in progress, so keep a close eye on their Rarible page and website to determine when new Baristas are released! Now let’s check those stats!

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Total Items - 60 (Season 1)

The clean and original art as well as some cool rewards and mechanics makes Crypto Baristas a truly memorable project. I highly recommend you follow them on their Twitter and join their Discord so that you can interact with the existing community and learn about all the latest details and collections being released by Crypto Baristas!

Well, I hope you enjoyed what we had on offer today. I know I did! If you don’t have a MSQ profile yet, make sure you sign up for one so that you never miss a beat. And don’t forget to tell all your friends and family to sign up too! Thank you very much for joining me today…until we meet again, take care Blockchain fans!

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