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Happy New Year MSQ friends! You know what time it is—that’s right, it’s another killer Discovery of the Day! MSQ recently moved into its Open Beta, meaning you can sign up for a profile and explore all the site has to offer. From Monday to Friday we bring you some of the best projects from across the cryptosphere. Whether it’s NFTs, the Metaverse or Blockchain games, you’ll find it all right here on MSQ! Today we present a project that started off the New Year with a bang! Let’s take a closer look at Alien Frens!

Set Your Phasers to Fun!

Astronomers estimate that 40 billion Earth-like planets could exist in our very own Milky Way. 40 billion Earth-like planets, and you’re telling me humans are the only forms of intelligent life in the universe? Yeah, right! While we may not have discovered aliens yet, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of aliens in the Metaverse. First we had a close encounter with Lonely Alien Space Club , and a little while later, we made contact with the The Alien Boys. This time around, with their spaceship making a hype-fueled crash-landing into the NFT space, we have discovered Alien Frens!

Alien Frens is a community-driven collection of 10,000 awesome Aliens exploring the vast reaches of the Ethereum Blockchain. Their goal is to build the biggest group of frens in the Metaverse. However, Alien Frens is more than just your standard profile picture project. Minting an Alien Fren gets you 1 amazingly unique PFP, a ticket to all their events, access to invasions, a gnarly 30-page comic book, exclusive rights to the artwork, early access to merch, and a pass to any of the things announced in their Roadmap. I think it’s safe to say that there’s plenty of utility to be found here!


Alien Frens are made up of four rarities, namely Xenos, Femi, Lochias and Olu, each of which can be differentiated by color:

The rarer factions determine the amount of payload holders will have for prizes that are picked up in invasions on the way back to Planet Fren! Prizes include anything from Cool Cats NFTs to crypto or even new UFOs for your Fren! Isn’t that awesome!?

Alien Showcase

The creator of these lovable aliens goes by the name of Mason Crowe , a 2D/3D artist who resides in California, USA. His ultimate aim is to build the biggest group of Frens in the Metaverse, and in case you couldn’t tell, he’s a big fan of aliens 👽

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of these charming Frens…

James Bond Fren was a better secret agent than a snake charmer…

Insert Pikachu WOW meme here

‘I choose you!’

What’s in the Next Galaxy for Alien Frens?

The Alien Frens project only launched recently. At present, they’re working through their launch Roadmap which includes items like invasion events, real-life events, merchandise drops, the launch of the $FRENS token and much more. After this initial Roadmap is completed, the Frens will release all the deets concerning Roadmap 2.0! Feast your eyes on the current Alien Frens Roadmap below:

You can view the current Roadmap in its original form here

Extraterrestrial Stats

The Alien Frens collection is sold out, but you can still grab yourself one (or maybe even a few?) of these exquisite ETs over on the project’s OpenSea page. Now let’s take a brief look at a couple of stats, shall we?

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Total Items - 10K
  • Owners - 5.7K

The clean and original art style along with some great utility makes Alien Frens a truly special project. I highly recommend you follow them on their Twitter and join their Discord so that you can interact with the existing community and find out about all the latest developments regarding the project.

And so we’ve reached the end of this epic little exploration. Pretty cool right? If you don’t have a MSQ profile yet, make sure you sign up for one so that you receive all the latest news and can check out all the site has to offer. And don’t forget to tell all your friends and family to sign up too! Thanks very much for joining me today…until we meet again, look after yourselves my space faring frens!

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