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Maybe you have an interest in the world of Web3 and crypto but haven’t taken the plunge yet because you’re uncertain where to start? Or maybe you’re already involved in the space but want to increase your knowledge and learn how to better navigate it? Well as it turns out, The University of Nicosia ‘s Open Metaverse Initiative will soon be running a course on NFTs and the Metaverse with classes hosted within the Metaverse itself! Let’s take a closer look at what the course entails and what you can do to participate!

Getting an Education in Web3

One of the real issues with Web3 tech is that many people are wary of it owing to several barriers to entry, such as complexity and lack of regulation and oversight. And of course, a lot of people simply don’t know what any of it is. Their understanding of blockchains, consensus mechanisms, cryptoassets and NFTs ranges from nonexistent to limited (or even just plain wrong). It’s a major hurdle the entire industry needs to overcome, and so far, nobody’s really been able to create something compelling enough that actually educates people and equips them with the tools they need to navigate this growing (and often volatile) space.

Obviously there are resources available, but they tend to exist in spaces that most people aren’t aware of or just don’t care to access. Yes, YouTube and Twitter do help, but a lot of the so-called info you find there is just bad takes, shilling, overly-complex analyses and so on. In most cases, existing social media simply consists of various echo chambers filled with groups of people who all share the same uncritical views. Most people don’t even know what the tech can do, and so they ask questions like “But why do I need a blockchain?” and say things like “Things already work fine as they already are, there’s no need to change anything.” They’re not exactly interested, and it could be that many people just don’t want to understand.

Just as wider adoption of NFTs requires creators to meet audiences halfway, the same applies for just about every aspect of Web3 tech. More than anything, we need to legitimize the industry by positioning information in more traditional spaces and creating gateways to new experiences for people within these existing locations. And this is where the UNIC Open Metaverse Initiative is doing their part to make this a (virtual) reality…

UNIC - Looking Towards the Future

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) was established in 1980 and is arguably one of the most forward-thinking higher education institutions out there. Located in Nicosia, Cyprus, UNIC has “a particular focus on emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and their impact on society.” And check this out—these guys have been in the crypto space for at least a couple of years.

UNIC isn’t new to Web3 - they’re pioneers!

From accepting BTC for tuition back in 2013 to offering the first on-chain university course in the Metaverse in 2022 (more on that in a moment), UNIC truly lives by their philosophy of focusing on emerging technologies and their potential applications in the real world.

This is what I’m talking about people—a top-rated university looking to incorporate the latest tech and innovations into their courses and truly educate students on the complexities that surround these technologies. If anything will help destigmatize NFTs and Web3 technologies, it’s reputable universities like UNIC taking up the challenge and delivering content that is accurate and informative to audiences across the world.

An Introduction to NFTs and the Metaverse

As I mentioned earlier, UNIC will soon be holding a course that introduces attendees to NFTs and the Metaverse. The course will take place over a period of 12 weeks (from October 3rd and ending the week of December 19th) and be headed up instructors Punk6529 , an influential proponent of NFTs and the Metaverse, and Professor George M. Giaglis , Executive Director of the Institute for the Future at the University of Nicosia. In addition, the course will feature a range of guest lecturers from across the Web3 space including Yat Siu , the Chairman of Animoca Brands , and even world-renowned NFT artist Beeple .

If that insanely cool lineup doesn’t do it for you, then I don’t know what will. As for where you’ll be having your classes, well, the title of this article should’ve given it away. Now what course on NFTs and the Metaverse would be complete if it didn’t take place within the Metaverse itself, and in this case, OM, Punk6529’s Open Metaverse?

Classes will take place within OM, Punk6529’s Open MetaverseClasses will take place within OM, Punk6529’s Open Metaverse

And what will the course cover? Essentially all the basics you need to understand the purpose and applications of NFTs and the Metaverse, but if you really want to know, here’s the course outline:

That’s some real useful stuff right thereThat’s some real useful stuff right there

To view the full course outline, please click here and navigate to the relevant section.

And naturally, you need to know what the course will cost. As it turns out, it’s 100% free of charge! However, at the end of the course, all successful participants will be able to mint an official “University of Nicosia Certificate of Completion” as an on-chain Ethereum NFT (0.25 ETH plus gas). Also take note that while the course is free, you will need to mint the course NFT which will incur no charges other than gas fees.

Finally, if you don’t know anything about NFTs and have never minted one before (this is a prerequisite for the course), you’ll need to take the Ethereum User Starter Course in order to qualify for the BLOC-711 course. The starter course runs for 1 week, starting on September 26th and ending October 3rd. In other words, if you want to sign up, do it ASAP!

Bringing Web3 to a Wider Audience

It goes without saying that collaborative efforts that incorporate new technologies into the mix to bring new learning experiences to students across the world is nothing short of incredible. A few years ago, all of this would have been more or less inconceivable, but now thanks to the power of the internet and Web3 technology, it’s all actually happening.

If you’re still unsure about just how hyped people are for this course, then take a look at the following tweet:

10,000 Course Access NFTs were minted in less than 72 hours!

This isn’t just some gimmick or a publicity stunt. Indeed, the initiative could very well represent the future of learning as we know it, and I tend to believe this is the direction education is heading in.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of history and something that I would call truly profound. UNIC is tapping into Web3 tech and bringing it to a wider audience in exactly the right way: by merging traditional institutions with the wider and ever-evolving world of Web3. I for one am very excited about the prospect of new learning experiences and hope to see UNIC continue to go from strength to strength.

The future is looking bright, fam.

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