Breaking News! Epic Games Backs Metaverse Startup Hadean!

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For those who still don’t take the Metaverse seriously, this may just be enough for them to finally take notice. That’s right, Epic Games , the company behind the massively popular Fortnite , is among several investors backing a Web3 computing startup called Hadean . Epic Games has a massive userbase and a huge catalog of games, so this move is a major step forward for Web3 tech and the Metaverse! Let’s dive in and find out what this particular development means for Web3 fans and the world of gaming as a whole…

A Giant Leap Forward?

Here on, we’ve discussed the many problems current “metaverse” projects face. While there are definitely some standouts like The Sandbox working to build their own Metaverse and bring in well-known brands, the vast majority of so-called metaverses are little more than tech demos or reworkings of Minecraft . On top of this, most of these projects (even many of the more promising ones) aren’t in VR. The trouble is, we have many different metaverses, but none of them are actually interconnected. And moreover, most of these projects just don’t have the ability to meaningfully scale.

And this is where Hadean enters the picture. They’re all about the Metaverse, but they’re taking a very different approach. In their own words:

Hadean provides the infrastructure and computational power that allows you to build, run and monetise the Metaverse. Powering immersive user experiences, Hadean’s open, scalable infrastructure dynamically connects audiences across the world.

So did any of that really hit home? If not, let me break it down for you real nicely. Basically the problem with the Metaverse as it stands is that everything sits in its own bubble and the computational power required to actually make it viable just isn’t available, at least not yet. Hadean wants to change this reality and provide the necessary computing power to enable creators to harness the full power of the Metaverse via metaverse-as-a-service (MaaS) technologies (yes, this is actually a thing).

Simply put, if the Metaverse is actually going to ever exist, it’s going to need a whole lot of computational power to render environments, track players’ movements and keep a whole bunch of different experiences running concurrently. It’s about as ambitious as it gets, but Hadean believes it has what it takes to make this dream a (virtual) reality!

Hadean Raises $30 Million in Funding

It’s not only Hadean that believes they can actually pull this off. Indeed, several investors, among them Epic Games, have enough confidence that Hadean can provide the necessary infrastructure for the Metaverse that collectively they’ve put $30 million towards backing the Metaverse startup. That’s no small sum, and with a proven track record of results, it’s entirely likely that Hadean will rise to the occasion and help the Metaverse become a reality sooner than later.

Hadean have managed to raise a substantial sum from several investors

And if you’re still not convinced that Epic Games is pushing the envelope and already actively working towards developing the Metaverse, then you’d be dead, dead wrong. In all honesty, any big tech company that hopes to survive in the next decade or so is giving some major thought to the Metaverse, and some aren’t hesitating at all and already committing huge amounts of capital towards making it a reality.

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Epic Games already have a captive audience and are known throughout the world by countless millions. They absolutely have a vested interest in the Metaverse, and being leaders in the space is without question a priority for them. This move shows that they’re adopting their own approach to getting things done, and I have no doubt that they plan to leverage Hadean’s infrastructure for their own games so that they can build their very own expansive Epic Games Metaverse (or whatever the name will inevitably be) as soon as possible.

Epic Games is a founding member of the Metaverse Standards Forum

This Is Happening People!

Every day we see more and more big names jumping into Web3 and the Metaverse. The fact that Epic Games are now making some major moves to secure their stake in the emerging open metaverse speaks volumes about the potential of the Metaverse to bring all-new experiences to audiences across the world.

As someone who’s been in this space for a while, it’s great to see more big names taking notice. I have no doubt that there’ll be more reports like this in the near future as various companies seek to cement their position in the Metaverse and ensure they remain relevant for many years to come.

So what do you think about Epic Games backing Hadean? Is this really big news? Or do you think it’s overhyped? Let us know your thoughts!

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