Building a Village: Welcoming Lamb Duhs!

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If you remember one of our first posts about NFTY Village, we went over all of our main goals relating to the NFTY Village Metaverse. One of those goals was No Competitors, Just Future Partners. So let’s talk about how we are going to welcome our friends from other projects into NFTY Village.

A Village for Everyone

One of the mottos we float around our community is that “it takes a village.” To us it means that strong communities grow from positive environments where everyone tries to help one another and work together towards common goals.

Blockchain and the NFT space in general suffers from a lot of tribalism. People have their favorite projects and stick to them, sometimes at the cost of alienating people from other communities. We want our project to focus on bringing people together and not building walls between them. That is why NFTY Village won’t just consist of Alpacas or NFTs that we personally created. We are reaching out to great projects, with original art, that we can incorporate into the NFTY Village Metaverse.

Celebrating All Types of Villagers

When it comes to bringing other projects into NFTY Village, we look for a few things:

  • Great art
  • Strong community
  • Hardworking teams

Despite superficial metrics such as volume and floor price, we believe that projects that possess the above three criteria will succeed in the long-term.

Including great projects within our game provides more utility for NFTs while introducing different projects to a wider and brand new audience. With that being said, one of the first NFTs outside of our collection that we will be incorporating into NFTY Village are the Lamb Duhs!

We like the Lambs

If you haven’t heard about Lamb Duhs before, you should definitely take a look. Our parent company, MSQ, recently put together a featured piece on their collection and their ambitious plans for the future.

Lamb Duhs is a collection of 8,500 cute digital lambs that wander the pastures of the Ethereum blockchain. From their amazing art to their impressive roadmap, the team at Lamb Duhs is constantly working and delivering for their community.

It was a natural and easy choice to include Lamb Duhs in NFTY Village. The only question that remains however is: Which Lamb Duh will take the journey to NFTY Village?

Looking for our Lamb Duh

Lamb Duhs is the first project we have chosen to include within NFTY Village. With over 8,500 different lambs, how will we ever choose our new resident NPC? Thankfully we have some ideas…

The team at NFTY Village will select 4 Lamb Duhs from Opensea.

From there, we will hold a contest where the community can vote for their favorite lamb! The winning Lamb Duh will be featured within NFTY Village and we will have some fun giveaways planned for the remaining lambs!

Join us for our first round of voting this Friday, November 12th! We will be announcing the voting on twitter - @nftyvillage

We aren’t sheepish about taking these big steps, and we cannot wait to continue making more friends and giving them a home in NFTY Village.

Make sure to stay involved in our respective communities so you can join in on the fun!

The Duhverse (Lamb Duhs) Twitter: @DuhverseNFT Discord:

NFTY Village Twitter: @nftyvillage Discord:

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