Celebrating Women's Fashion in Decentraland - The Fabulous #WoWFashion Fest!

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The Metaverse continues to bring people and communities together, and special events like The #WoWFashion Fest, featuring popular NFT project World of Women , is a perfect example of its potential. With the help of metaverse event specialists RLTY and digital fashion house The Fabricant , this three day virtual fashion extravaganza in Decentraland has been a real treat for metaverse fashionistas and demonstrates the awesome power of collaboration and innovation. Let’s dive in and find out more about this great initiative and learn a little more about the exciting world of metaverse fashion!

Digital Worlds Working Together

Before I get into the #WoWFashion Fest itself, I think it’s important to point out that this particular metaverse event is made up of several different projects all working together to make it possible:

  • Decentraland - The actual metaverse platform in which the event took place
  • RLTY - Specialists in organizing and running metaverse events
  • World of Women - The world-renowned NFT project serving as both the models and main attendees of the event, and
  • The Fabricant - A digital fashion house building the wardrobe of the metaverse and providing the fashion for the event

This is nothing short of a fully collaborative effort and one that mirrors the mechanics of the real world. Just as physical events require participants, service providers, a venue and an event company, so too do events in the Metaverse. In isolation, each of these projects are impressive in their own right, but working together, they’ve managed to pull off something truly profound here. If you want to see utility in Web3, well, this here is exactly it.

Real projects and businesses are being built within and for the Metaverse, and it’s happening right now. In many respects, this particular event is about the most Web3 thing I’ve seen to date and one that embodies the power of decentralization, collaboration and innovation. So to all involved in making this possible, massive, massive kudos!

The #WoWFashion Fest

I’m a little late in covering this event (the last day will probably be underway or wrapping up when this article is published), but for those of you who don’t know, the #WoWFashion Fest, hosted by The Fabricant, RLTY and World of Women, began on September 20th and will end today, September 22nd. Hosted in Decentraland, the event has been packed with speakers, awesome games and prizes, and of course, fashion!

The #WoWFashion Fest in Decentraland

What I find particularly refreshing about the #WoWFashion Fest is how inclusive it is. Other than the event itself being free for anyone to attend, it’s also taken different cultures, language groups and identities into account, catering to these audiences in one or more thoughtful ways. For example, they held an event for Spanish audiences in two parts (the first on day one and the second the following day), and on the second day of the festival, they hosted a Japanese Welcome Tour. While it’s all good and well to present everything in English, it’s great to see other language groups and cultures getting some attention as well.

The schedule for Day 2 of the Fest

The fact is that many Web3 communities consist of people from all over the world with their own beliefs, values and cultures, so making sure that these individuals feel included is absolutely necessary. It’s clear that everyone involved made provisions for key community members and audiences, which shows the attention to detail and care the organizers put into the event. That’s definitely worth a round of applause!

And How About the Fashion?

There’s just so much to talk about here that I’ve yet to discuss the focus of the event: women’s fashion in the metaverse! If you had a chance to actually check out the #WoWFashion Fest, you would’ve seen plenty of awesome WoW NFTs sporting all kinds of extravagant and original metaverse outfits. But where did all of these come from, you ask?

This is where The Fabricant has weaved their digital magic. All of the fashion on display at the #WoWFashion Fest was created using The Fabricant’s Studio . The process to co-create a custom garment of your own is simple:

  • Choose a garment created by top fashion designers and labels
  • Customize the fabric according to your preferences
  • Add colors to your garment, and
  • Mint your own NFT for you to show off!

It’s really that easy, and the end products look great. All minted NFTs exist on the eco-friendly Flow blockchain and, once rendered, can be shown off on your social media channels. As it just so happens, MSQ’s very own Marketing Manager, Sook Hwang , minted her own garment using The Fabricant’s Studio, and this is the final result:

MSQ’s very own Sook Hwang shows off her creation!MSQ’s very own Sook Hwang shows off her creation!

And as for the Fest itself, well, it featured over 1,000 digital garments over the course of three days, showcasing some of the most original and finest fashion the Metaverse currently has to offer. And what’s really great about the Metaverse is that the possibilities are, quite literally endless! Some of the creations just wouldn’t be possible in real life, not without some serious engineering at least. In many ways, the Metaverse is the perfect medium for people to let their creativity come to life and experiment with different ideas and approaches to their work.

1,000 digital outfits, tons of attendees and a lot of fun!

A Celebration of Creativity

I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface here, but from all the amazing tech, art and fashion that I’ve seen on display in countless Twitter posts, it looks like The #WoWFashion Fest was a huge success. I’m assuming this particular event will take place on an annual basis, but whatever the case, I hope that it happens again and continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the Web3 space.

It’s clear that the Metaverse is evolving and that it’s definitely here to stay. It’s also great to see how it’s starting to scale and how it offers a whole bunch of utility to people everywhere, regardless of whether they want to harness the Metaverse’s potential or just have fun and socialize within it.

I’m also certain we’ll see more events taking place in the Metaverse very soon. If the #WoWFashion Fest is anything to go by, the Metaverse is defnitely a useful medium that really does bring people together and allow amazing things to happen.

So what do you think of the #WoWFashion Fest? Is this something you’d like to check out for yourself? Or is it not really your scene? Let us know your thoughts!

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