Cool Comics by Cool Cats - What Are They? And How Do I Get One?

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Cool Cats is one of the oldest and most interesting “blue chip” NFTs out there. With a history of ups and downs, these lovable cats have found a home in the hearts of many collectors. The team has continued to build for over a year since their initial Cool Cats mint and remains one of the most sought after PFP projects in all of Web3. With both Cool Cats and Cool Pets seeing a fair amount of success, we don’t blame collectors for being excited about the latest release from Clon and the gang. Let’s take a look at Cool Comics, the first official Cool Cats-based “phygital” comic book, and see if the team is poised to strike gold for a third time!

What Is Cool Comics?

Announced in their August 26th Town Hall, Cool Comics is the first official comic book release by the team behind the highly popular Cool Cats NFT collection. The release of Cool Comics will see the team bring their journey full circle, back to where it all started with Clon and The Catoonist. But don’t worry, Cool Comics won’t be a rehash of The Catoonist—instead, it’ll be brand new, original stories in Cooltopia, featuring characters you’ve probably seen before if you happen to follow them on Twitter.

The first series of Cool Comics will be centered around the CATaclysm and feature four unique parts. While this will be the first series, they have officially stated that it won’t be the last, and the team is all-in on using the Cool Comics collection to extend their universe. The initial four comics will feature standalone stories that will come together to complete the CATaclysm series. We’ve already seen a glimpse of the first episode in the form of the unrevealed comic art, and it’s called “Tepnu and the Water Disaster.”

Cool Comics is launching! Get hyped!

Mint Details and Rarities

A pretty simple two step process is all you need to follow to mintA pretty simple two step process is all you need to follow to mint

The Cool Comics mint occurred on September 21st, 2022 and released a limited mint of 2,500 copies on the Ethereum Blockchain. These initial mints were available for purchase by Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders for 75,000 Milk, the native token of Cooltopia. You can read more details about how the mint was handled in their Cool Comics minting article if you feel so inclined. The fact is that the team at Cool Cats has done a great job of rewarding long-term holders of Cool Cats and Cool Pets, and this launch was no exception. The Cool Comic mint sold out quickly and was a considerable success that was well received by the community.

The Cool Comics reveal will take place on September 28th, 2022 (at the time of writing, that’s today!) and will feature several different possible rarities once revealed. The rarities for Cool Comics are very similar to Cool Cats themselves and can be Cool 1, Cool 2, Wild, Classy (Foil), or Exotic (Holo). Here’s a quick chart that shows the available numbers for each rarity:

Check out this rarity guide!Check out this rarity guide!

More Than Just an NFT Comic

One of the most exciting aspects of Cool Comics is the additional perks outside of the digital comic itself. While everyone who holds a Cool Comics NFT will be eligible to access the digital comic through the meowpad in Cooltopia, there are actually quite a few other surprises in store. The first of these is the option to redeem a physical copy of the comic book! Yeah, you heard that right! For 30 days after the mint, holders will be able to redeem a free physical edition of their Cool Comics, including the rarity-based cover variations (just pay shipping). This is a really cool (pun intended) option that I hope others take note of.

On top of the digital and physical copies of the comic, holders may be eligible to purchase exclusive merchandise that matches the rarity of the comic. They also mention that future mints in the CATaclysm series will be based on ownership of the first edition comic, so if you want a chance to purchase the next 3 editions in CATaclysm, you better go grab your copy of Tepnu and the Water Disaster right now! Add to that some kind of special reward if you collect and burn all 4 in the series, and Cool Comics is really looking like a fun time for collectors.

How Do I Get One?

The Cool Comics mint has already taken place, but don’t fret! You can still purchase a copy on any major NFT marketplace like like Opensea where the current floor is around 0.07 ETH (about $94). The Cool Cats team has also reserved 125 copies for giveaways, so make sure you join the Cool Cats Discord for information on any future opportunities to win one. While $94 might seem high by traditional comic book standards, it’s fairly reasonable in NFT Land, and it’ll be interesting to see how the price holds up as future editions release. Either way, this seems like a big win for Cool Cats and Cool Cats holders, and we can’t wait for the reveal!

So what do you think? Are you going to pick up Tepnu and the Water Disaster? Do you love the Cats? Let us know your thoughts!

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