Crumbys Bakery - NFTs Fresh Out the Oven!

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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether its their art, their exciting communities, or the unique things planned in their projects, there is definitely something here to grab your interest.

Fresh Baked NFTs

You open the door to Crumbys bakery and you can almost smell the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread men. Well not really, because Crumbys are actually a collection of 1000 unique NFTs.

There are so many 10,000 collections dropping daily that are created with the help of AI, that we should always take a moment to stop and look at the collections which are hand-crafted by gingerbread men artisans.

Each Crumby not only has frosting included but come with full commercial rights. In addition, your Crumby acts as membership into the vibrant Crumby community. If that isn’t delicious I don’t know what is.

The Road Ahead for Gingerbread Men

Only 250 of the total 1000 Crumbys are released as of the time of this writing. There are already variations that include Zombies (do not eat), Lava (burned my mouth a bit on that one), and some special combinations.

The Roadmap for Crumbys is currently about holding and getting more Crumbys in return for your loyalty.

  • At 25% sold 5 Crumbys will be airdropped at random to collectors who hold one of the first 250 Crumbys
  • At 50% sold 5 Rare Crumbys will be airdropped to collectors that hold one of the first 100 Crumbys
  • At 75% sold 1 Special Rare Crumby will be airdropped to collectors who hold the first 50 Crumbys
  • At 99.99% sold 1 Eth will be airdroppped to the owner of the most Crumbys and will get to choose how the last Crumby will look!

You might be asking yourself right now: can I still join in on the fun? The answer is yes! Currently there are still Crumbys out there looking for a home.

The way the cookie crumbles:

  • 250/1000 Crumbys Currently Released
  • 69 Owners (nice)
  • Floor Price: .05 ETH
  • Volume Trade: 5.4 ETH

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