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People of MSQ! We’re back with another exciting and totally new Discovery of the Day! From Monday to Friday we bring you some of our top picks from the world of crypto. Whether it’s DeFi, Blockchain games, NFTs or the Metaverse, we cover it all right here on MSQ! In today’s edition, we answer the question, ‘What would happen if cute animals decided to become mecha pilots?’ This…is A.N.I.M.O!

The…Mechaverse? Wait…

Gundam, Voltron, Titanfall, Megas XLR, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pacific Rim…no matter where you look, mechas and giant robots are pretty much everywhere. Why? Well, I think the answer’s obvious—they’re totally awesome! One could argue that the idea for colossal mechas dates all the way back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. Created by Hephaestus at the behest of Zeus, Talos, a giant automaton made entirely of bronze, would circle the shores of the island of Crete in order to protect Europa, a consort of Zeus, from invaders, pirates and bandits.

Unfortunately for Jason, oxidation did little to dampen Talos’ fighting spirit…

Now obviously Talos is by no means a mecha or a robot, merely an automaton, so some of you might consider this example a bit of a stretch. Now more recently, in Popular Culture, Mitseru Yokoyama’s Tetsujun 28-go, released in 1956, is widely considered to be the first real series within the mecha genre. In terms of its plot, the series’ 12-year-old protagonist, Shotaro Kaneda, uses a remote to control a giant robot that was constructed as part of a last-ditch effort to win World War II by the Japanese military. This narrative resonated well with a great many people and led to the creation of countless derivatives and imitators. Incredible!

Giant mechas in World War II…can you dig it?

Autonomous Nugget in Mech, OK?

Yes, that’s what the acronym A.N.I.M.O stands for! Combining cute with crushing, A.N.I.M.O is an upcoming generative NFT project featuring 10k animal mechas on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each A.N.I.M.O consists of several different interlocking parts, namely Pilot, Top, Legs, Front, Attachments and Paint Job. When an A.N.I.M.O is minted, all parts are included and combined to generate an entirely unique animal mecha…

I don’t think this guy could ever get bored (Get it? It’s a warthog…never mind)

So 10,000 A.N.I.M.O. units will be created and distributed as follows:

  • 9,500 available to all users
  • 200 for giveaways and free mints to eligible owners of the qualified collections
  • 300 shared among team members

Then with regards to available rarities, this is what the team behind A.N.I.M.O currently has in mind:

  • D - 4,999 units
  • C - 3,000 units
  • B - 1,000 units
  • A - 600 units
  • S - 300 units
  • S+ - 100 units
  • Illegal - 1 unit

Please note: The above information is merely a draft and is subject to change at any time.

As for the A.N.I.M.O units themselves, well…what do they look like? Judging from what the team has posted on the A.N.I.M.O Twitter page, you can expect to receive something akin to this when you mint:

Never has the prospect of imminent death been so adorable…

After the pond was drained, Freddy decided to get his own back

Feeling bullish or spiderish? Why not both?

FYI, A.N.I.M.O will feature some special 1/1s within the collection. Freddy the Frog up there? Yup, he’s a 1/1…and he looks ready for action! Also, when A.N.I.M.O launches, 12 collaborations with artists are going to be auctioned! Now that’s some exciting stuff!

Intel on Whitelist

So if you want to know more about getting on the whitelist for A.N.I.M.O, the first thing you need to take into account is that it will be available on their official website. Interested parties will need to connect their wallet using the Metamask extension within any browser that supports it. They will also need to log in to the A.N.I.M.O website using Twitter or join the A.N.I.M.O Discord and solve a captcha.

Once a party has connected their wallet and logged in, they will be able to whitelist their wallet address accordingly. A minting quantity between 1 and 3 will then be randomly assigned to whitelisted addresses. When actual minting occurs, the party will be able to mint the amount assigned to them or just 1 if they prefer. At the time of writing, the mint price of A.N.I.M.O units is set at 0.088 ETH.

Please note: The above information is subject to change at any time.

This is one of the earliest proof of concepts the team put together using a few parts and some different pilots

The Team

The A.N.I.M.O team consists of a few seasoned developers with about 50 years in combined experience. If you want to know where these devs have worked at or with in the past, well, names include (but are not limited to) Warner Bros, Activision, Epic Games, Wargaming and more! The core team is comprised of MechNuggets, Tooty, MagicTrashBag.eth, and Joyal.

What’s Next for the Mechas?

Aside from the actual whitelisting and mint itself, A.N.I.M.O has a lot in store. Although no formal Roadmap exists at this point, collaborations with artists, free mints and even games and toys are all being seriously considered, so be on the lookout!

  • For more information on A.N.I.M.O, please visit their FAQ
  • For more details regarding artist collaborations, visit the A.N.I.M.O Collaborations Page

I don’t know about you, but given the proven track record of this highly capable team and the sheer awesomeness of these cute little mechas, I have little doubt that A.N.I.M.O is a project you’re going to want to follow closely. Make sure that you follow this super fun NFT project on Twitter and join the A.N.I.M.O Discord to get to know the community and find out all the latest info before anyone else does!

The idea of animals controlling all kinds of different mechas is a bit offbeat, but that’s what makes A.N.I.M.O such a unique and charming project. That concludes yet another awesome Discovery of the Day! If you haven’t signed up for MSQ yet, please do so…we have new content out regularly, and by signing up, you’ll consistently receive some of the best insights and perspectives the industry has to offer! Thanks for joining me today! Come back tomorrow, same time, same place, for another absolutely fantastic Discovery of the Day! Later!

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