Dead Freaks is our Collectible of the Month! September 2021

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At MSQ we are all about putting a spotlight on projects that innovate and break the mold within the Blockchain industry. One such area that has seen an explosion in recent months is Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which have given rise to a range of collectibles. But what are people actually buying when they purchase an NFT? In many cases, not that much. This is exactly why we want to highlight an NFT project that features fantastic hand-drawn art, giving real value to its collectors: Dead Freaks. Let’s dive in and find out why they are our Collectible of the Month!

What’s an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger called a Blockchain. That certifies that a digital asset is unique and therefore not interchangeable. Simply put, it’s a digital piece of art that may exist as a picture, video, audio track or virtually any other type of digital file. NFTs allow digital artists to claim ownership of their work and benefit directly from their efforts.

NFTs have allowed many talented artists to make a living from their art and truly own the artwork they make. NFTs provide unique and clear proof of ownership and authorship by the artist. This means that any minted piece of artwork will always have the artist listed as the original owner of the digital artwork linked to the NFT.

Horrifyingly Rare

Dead Freaks are a ghoulish collection of blood-thirsty vampires that roam the Ethereum Blockchain. There’s an old story that says the original curse came from a mysterious entity that is also responsible for the curse of Dead Lycans. Owning a Dead Freak grants you access to the Fang Gang, and the more Dead Freaks you own, the higher the membership tier you qualify for.

All Dead Freaks are hand-drawn and animated by the one and only cozygrail . Each Dead Freak comes with a Commercial Use License, meaning that all owners of Dead Freak NFTs and the original creator have full commercial rights to use the image in any way they like.

The current collection consists of Dead Freaks (vampires), Lycans and The Coven (which are currently being released). Here’s a sample of some of the Dead Freak NFTs:

A classic Dead Freak

A Lycan

A Witch from The Coven (from the collection currently being released)

Join The Fang Gang!

Owning a Dead Freak makes you eligible to join the Fang Gang!

Becoming a member gives you many different perks such as special drops, access to high-resolution files of your Dead Freak, Governance Tokens, a free print from a Dead Collection that you own, free merch items, and a customized Dead Freak. Bear in mind that some of these are only for Elite and MVP members, so you’d better get collecting! Here’s some information about the Fang Gang and what members can expect:

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to become a Fang Gang member. You can sign up by picking one or more Dead Freaks from their Opensea page. You also have a chance to join the Fang Gang by getting one of their next drops by joining their Discord and receiving notifications on when their next collections will drop. A Dead Freaks Gen 2 is currently planned as well.

Beyond the Grave

At MSQ we’re always on the look-out for fangtastic (see what we did there?) unique projects to showcase, and Dead Freaks is one that certainly stands out from the crowd. Combining the amazing art and strong community spirit, we can’t wait to see where the project will go in the future.

Kudos and congratulations to Dead Freaks for being our Collectible of the Month!

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