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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their art, their exciting communities, or the unique features planned for their projects, there is definitely something here that will grab your interest. Today we bring you 0N1 Force!

About 0N1 Force

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you must have glimpsed this project and seen all the hype surrounding it. The 0N1 Force is an NFT collection that consists of 7,777 generative side-profile characters with over 100 hand-drawn features fighting for their very existence.

With a combination of incredible art, amazing community spirit and the sheer number of people involved in this project, I personally believe ON1 Force has the potential to be the next big NFT craze alongside BAYC, Cryptopunks and others.

A closer inspection reveals the intriguing lore behind 0N1 Force: Life in the Ethereal Enclave was peaceful until the Emperor suddenly passed away. After his untimely death, everything came crumbling down. As a result, the Ethereal Enclave could no longer remain ‘everlasting,’ and that which was once eternal has been reduced to a mere 7,777 hours. As society crumbles, 0N1 face their greatest enemies: themselves. I’m very excited about how this story will play out as the metaverse evolves, which we’ll touch on in just a moment…

The 0N1 Force collection features 3 different Clans, namely Y0K-A1 (common), B4K3M0-N0 (uncommon) and the highly-coveted 0N1 (rare).

YOK-A1 - Ghost Spirit (common)

B4K3M0-N0 - Monster Form (uncommon)

0N1 - The Demon (rare)

This amazing NFT-collection was created by the artist and founder of 0N1 Force, the one and only IMCMPLX .

What’s Next for 0N1 Force?

Oh, you thought I was done? Not just yet…

0N1 Force’s future is looking brighter than Discord’s Light Mode (that’s pretty darn bright!) The project has some truly awesome events and releases planned including merchandise, initial metaverse planning (which will bring the 0N1VERSE to life) and art and collaborative exhibitions for 0N1 holders. 0N1 Force also plans to release comic books in the future, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for those!


Take a gander at some of the awesome things the 0N1 Force Community has been doing and creating…

Try out this awesome fan-made merchandise for size:

Please note: This is not Official 0N1 Force Merchandise

How about this amazing 3D version of an 0N1 Force avatar?

And check out this fan cosplaying as her 0N1 avatar. Fantastic!


  • Total Items - 7,777
  • Owners - 3.9K
  • Floor Price - 5 ETH
  • Volume Traded - 28.3K ETH

The collection is currently sold out but can be viewed here on Opensea .

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