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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether its their art, their exciting communities, or the unique things planned in their projects, there is definitely something here to grab your interest. Today we are taking a look at Luchadores NFTs.

Luchadores Leaving a Legacy

One of the most concerning things about a lot of the popular NFTs we see today is preservation. Will they exist a few years from now or will they point to broken links? It is a large problem and one that many newcomers to the NFT space seem to be unaware of as they continue expanding their collections.

This is something that Luchadores aimed to solve when they created their collection. Instead of pre-generated NFTs, Luchadores are randomly generiated at the time of purchase using Chainlink VRF. Chainlink VRF or Verificable Random Function is a provably-fair and verificable source of randomness designed for smart contracts.

Therefore, not only are Luchadores randomly generated at the time of purchase, but the art and associated metadata are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

These cute little wrestlers are 24x24 SVG art that can scale to any size. There are millions of possible combinations and only 10,000 of them will ever be minted.

For the fun of it, I minted two luchadors - Say hello to El Toro and Javier.

The Path to Glory

The roadmap for Luchadores is a little bit different from what we’ve been seeing as of late. The main roadmap item they are working on is the Lucha Arena. The Lucha Arena will be a turn-based combat game where all game mechanics will be on-chain. Players will be able to choose their fighting style and manage their stable of Luchadores.

After the initial 10,000 Luchadores have been minted, the team will introduce a Prodigy System. This system will allow players to generate new luchas to sell or grow their tag teams for the Lucha Arena.

One roadmap item which is availale now is the ability to choose a unique and permanent name for your Luchador.

Long live El Toro!


  • Total Items: 10,000
  • Owners: 642
  • Floor Price: .01 ETH
  • Volume Traded: 1.3 ETH

At the time of this writing, Luchadores are still avaiable to mint on their official website . You can also snag some from their store on Opensea .

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