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Welcome back to yet another unforgettable Discovery of the Day! MSQ is the New Homepage for the Decentralized Web, so we have everything from DeFi and NFTs to Blockchain Games and Wallets for you to check out. From Monday to Friday, we bring you some of our top picks from across the cryptosphere and serve it up to you in the most fun and entertaining way possible! Today we’re proud to feature…Doodles!


What do you get when you take talent, professional experience, and outrageously fun artwork and cross it with a massive and dedicated community? Easy—you get Doodles, a project that stands as a shining example of everything an NFT project could ever hope to be.

Initially launched on October 17th, 2021, Doodles is a collection of 10,000 NFTs built transparently on Ethereum and stored securely via IPFS that will undeniably make you FOMO hard.

I’m genuinely devastated that I slept so long on this project, and after learning even more about the Doodles team and how this project is run, turning them into a Discovery of the Day was simply unavoidable. As I always say, ‘give credit where it’s due,’ and in this case, Doodles rightfully deserves the spotlight. Read on to find out why I’m such a fan…

Rarities & Traits

Doodles are created from 265 unique traits using a provably fair generation mechanism. This basically means a verifiable ‘no shady business’ guarantee when it comes to who mints what. Now this is particularly welcomed if you’ve ever aped into a project only to later discover allegations of rarity/mint/ownership manipulation, which is sadly all too common in the crypto and NFT space.

For our more technically inclined readers, you can learn more about Provenance Hashes, an essential component of the Doodles minting process, and how they work here

As for Doodles traits themselves, you can view an exhaustive list of all available attributes in the Traits & Rarities documentation or scope some of the rarest traits below:

Rare Doodles

Transparent and Secure

As a dev and security geek, I can’t do an article about Doodles and not bring up how impressed I am by how transparent and secure this project is. On top of offering full-fledged Doodles Documentation , they not only list the Doodles Contract and all associated ETH addresses, but they also use Gnosis Safe, a multisignature smart-contract protocol, to secure the Doodles Contract and Community Treasury.

In simpler terms, all signers must approve contract changes, and if one person’s wallet is compromised, the Doodles contract and NFTs are safu.


It should be noted that shadier projects often go out of their way to obscure information like this, so when I see this level of transparency and security, it gives me the warm & fuzzies 🥰

The Doodle Bank

The Doodlebank is the Doodle community’s treasury and is used to scale the team and experiment with growing the Doodles brand. At the time of writing, there is over 650 ETH in Doodlebank. This effectively gives Doodle holders the ability to participate in governance decisions over the direction and future of the Doodles project.


The Roadmap for Doodles is collaborative and decided upon by Doodle holders via the Community Treasury . Initially seeded with 420 ETH (nice!), the Community Treasury allows holders to vote for experiences, activations, and campaigns that benefit Doodles. With imaginative ideas, adequate resources, and coordination, Doodles has the potential to spread throughout the vertical of Popular Culture.

The Team

The Doodles team is equally impressive, with prior clientele running the gamut from WhatsApp to Google and even Dapper Labs and CryptoKitties . Needless to say, the Doodles team are no slouches:

Scott Martin

Evan Keast

Jordan Castro
A Canadian-based illustrator, designer, animator and muralist. Burnt’s past clients include WhatsApp, Google, Snapchat, et al. A Canadian-based product marketer and NFT consultant from Kabam Games (Net Marble), Dapper Labs, and CryptoKitties. A blockchain builder since 2013. Poopie is known for bag holding and previously leading the CryptoKitties team at Dapper Labs.

Scribble Down Stats

Sorry to have to break it to you, but…all Doodles have been minted 😭

But fret not! You can still snag your very own Doodle on the secondary market via OpenSea . Move quickly though—the floor is being swept faster than Daniel Larusso’s legs at the All Valley Tournament (a totally legal move vs. a crane kick to the face, might I add 🤨)

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Available Items - 10K
  • Owners - 5.1K

So there we have it—an impressive project with experience and talent, transparency and security, great art, and a fantastic community. There really isn’t much more you could ask of an NFT project. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Doodles Discord or follow them on Twitter to chat with the team, hear the latest updates, and take part in community contests and giveaways.

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