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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their art, dedicated communities, or the unique features planned for their projects, there is definitely something here that will catch your eye. Today we bring you Fang Gang!

Man It Feels Good to Be a Fangsta

Fang Gang is a collection of 8,888 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. They are programmatically generated from over 160 traits with 3,676,470 possible combinations and primed to take over the metaverse.

This howlingly hardcore collection goes well beyond just looking dope AF (As Fang) though. From collaborations to daily giveaways, charitable donations, NFTx liquidity pools, a merch store, and more, Fang Gang is, by far, one of the most active and impressive projects we’ve come across. We can’t possibly cover it all in one article, but read on to see just some of what this incredible community and project have to offer…


Each Fang Gang NFT possesses a unique personality with each combination of traits being either Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Mythic. Some are rarer than others, but all fit for members of the Fang Gang. In addition, some Fangsters are special 1/1 editions, meaning nobody’s ever gonna bite their toes.

You’ll hear them howl in the streets at night about who’s got the most sauce.You’ll hear them howl in the streets at night about who’s got the most sauce.

Diamond Fangs Club

Every day, Fang Gang holders who have their holdings either delisted or listed above 1 ETH are eligible to win prizes!

Diamond Fangs DLC Drop:

Just this week, Diamond Fang Club members were airdropped a free @decentraland -compatible outfit created by NFT artist and designer @Michi_Todd .


NFTx Liquidity Pool

The Fang Gang liquidity pool recently launched, allowing holders to buy, sell, or stake their Fangsters. Neat!


If the Fang Gang team knows anything, it’s how to collaborate with some of the sickest artists in the NFT space. Below is just a taste of what’s been created so far 💪

cfw™ x Fang Gang

Unstable Kido x Fang Gang

BKK Bros. x Fang Gang

Giving Back

While the Fangsters live a good life in the urban jungle, not all creatures on planet Earth share this happy lifestyle. That’s why the Fang Gang team wants to give back part of their profits to NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that protect and restore wildlife habitats and ecosystems. These charities are fairly chosen by community vote from a pool of candidate organizations.

Most recently, 10 ETH was donated to as well as another NGO to be selected and announced soon. These donations are made through The Giving Block , the #1 crypto donations platform, providing verified transactions.

What’s Next for Fang Gang?

  • 0% - Giveaways and launch
  • 25% - Collab Fangsters by NFT artists—auctions and exclusive drops to holders
  • 50% - First charity donation chosen by the community
  • 75% - ETH and NFT giveaways to holders
  • 100% - Premium Merch Store and second charity donation chosen by the community

Fang Gang Roadmap 2.0Fang Gang Roadmap 2.0

A lot of our plans are long-term, so they will happen repeatedly and along the way, while we build the community and grow together. Collaboration is one of the wildest perks. Happening through exclusive airdrops for holders or special pieces auctioned within the collection, these will make Fang Gang connect with big names in the NFT community.

Bite first, talk later. That’s our way.


Scheduled for release in the second week of October, a new collection containing 8,888 PixelFangs will soon be made available. Each Fang Gang NFT holder will be able to mint 1 per wallet for free (plus gas, of course).


An endless runner game; evade flippers and dodge paper hands while running through New Fang City collecting diamonds. Try to get a high score…there just might be something cool in store for those that rule the leaderboards 😉

New Fang City

New Fang City is coming to life in the form of a new hub. More details, along with a release date, soon!


As you can see, the Fang Gang team has been pretty darn busy, and again, this is just some of what these ferocious Fangsters have planned!

The Fang Gang NFTs have already been fully minted, but you can still pick some up on OpenSea !

At the time of writing, Fang Gangs’ stats are as follows:

  • Available Items - 8.9K
  • Owners - 4.1K

Be sure to follow Fang Gang on Twitter and join them on Discord to chat with the team, stay up-to-date with the latest on game development, check out the hottest new mints, and take part in community contests, raffles, and giveaways.

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