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The world of NFTs extends beyond simple JPEGs and reaches into every corner of just about every industry out there. The fact is, sex sells, and online, it’s the number one searched for topic, whether you like it or not. And of course, competition to gain the attention of audiences is nothing short of fierce. Now the number one earner on OnlyFans , Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa , is retiring from the adult entertainment industry, but she’s hardly done with something else she’s becoming increasingly renown for: investing in innovative (and potentially highly lucrative) business ventures…

Who Is Amouranth?

For those of you who don’t know her (or are just pretending like you don’t), Amouranth is an adult entertainer who became famous for her racy adult-themed streams on Twitch and, of course, her adult content on OnlyFans. She also became infamous for selling jars of her farts (I mean, how would you even know?) to her fans for $1,000 a piece (and no, I’m not making this up ) back in March this year.

Gotta say, that marketing pitch is on-pointGotta say, that marketing pitch is on-point

She also pulled a Belle Delphine and sold her bathwater as well. And yes, people bought it. If ever there was a case for free market capitalism , boy, is this it! Now you may find this distasteful or absurd, and you’d be right in just about every case, but if there’s anything I know about the modern human condition, it’s pretty damn absurd. Some might say Amouranth is a marketing genius, others the epitome of predatory capitalism, but at the end of the day, I don’t really think she cares too much for our opinions.

Anyway, this article isn’t about the morals and ethics of e-girls and their hordes of unrelenting fans. And in many ways, it’s not even about Amouranth herself. As always, we here at MSQ cover everything (and I mean everything) that relates to the development of NFTs, the Metaverse and Gaming. Right now most NFTs exist as 10K collections of JPEGs, but their utility and potential stretches far beyond that. And like many others, Amouranth is one of those individuals who has realized this.

OnlyFans Is Becoming More Popular

OnlyFans is undoubtedly a popular platform, especially if you take a look at their general stats. According to data in an article by Jason Wise of EarthWeb:

  • OnlyFans has a userbase of 170 million people
  • 500,000 people join OnlyFans every single day
  • 1.5 million content creators use OnlyFans
  • Many of the top creators on OnlyFans make around $100,000 or more per month
  • Average creators make about $151 per month and have 21 subscribers
  • $2 billion has been paid to creators by OnlyFans thus far

And that’s not all. According to data from Statista , in 2020, OnlyFans generated a net revenue of $380 million. In 2021, this more than tripled to $1.2 billion. And in 2022, OnlyFans projects this number will more than double to $2.5 billion. Whatever the case, OnlyFans seems to be rising in popularity as more and more content creators and users join the platform. But is it perfect? Well, nothing is. While average creators can make a little money on the platform, it’s hardly enough to earn a decent living (depending on where you’re located in the world of course). Most of the focus is on the top creators who rake in unbelievable amounts of money every month from their fans.

While it can be argued that OnlyFans has empowered creators, it’s still a centralized organization with business interests at heart. And yes, their PR is, obviously, top-notch, featuring more than just scantily clad women languishing in bathtubs (naturally, there’s that too):

OnlyFans does their part to promote women’s sports and culture on their social media channels

And as always, when a platform enjoys huge success and growth, others are sure to take some of that enormous market share away from them. However, that also means they have to have a decent value proposition for both fans and creators alike if they hope to win their favor. And this is where Shush Club saw an opportunity…

Amouranth and Shush Club Join Forces

Shush Club calls themselves “The Global Content Creator Network.” Their main aim is to further empower content creators, particularly smaller ones, to increase their presence and revenue when they create and disseminate content across the web. As a matter of fact, they’re also looking to empower fans by providing them with a few added benefits as well. But what exactly is Shush Club? In essence, they’re a Web3 blockchain-powered adult content platform, and part of their strategy also involves using NFT technology to bring in more revenue for creators.

Although NFTs and blockchain have enjoyed more adoption in the last few years, mass adoption is still a ways off. This is one of the reasons why Shush Club has recruited Amouranth, a seasoned veteran in the adult entertainment industry, to help build and promote their platform. Amouranth already has a huge following, so by leveraging her network alone, Shush Club believes they will be able to bring Web3 to a much wider audience sooner rather than later.

Amouranth is working with Shush Club to develop their platform

And Amouranth isn’t the only adult entertainment star that Shush Club is working alongside to promote their platform. Indeed, over time Shush Club plans to recruit a number of popular performers to tap into their networks and convert users to the Shush Club platform. Their marketing is nothing short of relentless, and they’re already demonstrating their power to create partnerships and harness the power of popular creators to win over users that currently subscribe to platforms like OnlyFans.

And How Does Shush Club Work?

So again, the main aim of Shush Club is to empower smaller creators using a number of different methods, such as:

  • Traffic Generation - Shush Club’s own marketing partners will offer their promotional expertise to creators in exchange for a small percentage of their content revenue
  • Direct Sales Commissions - Shush Club’s retail partners will offer creators the chance to sell their products through the platform in exchange for a commission of all sales
  • Advertising Sales - Creators can offer advertising space on their pages so that they can earn a percentage of generated revenue, and
  • Referrals - Both creators and fans can introduce new creators to the platform in exchange for a percentage of profits

So a lot of this is based around profit-sharing, affiliate marketing, advertising and incentives, and that’s all good and well, but not really Web3 per se. The blockchain-powered aspect of Shush Club comes from their Adult NFT Marketplace, which is currently being developed. While more details are pending, Shush Club will also have its own native cryptocurrency, $SHUSH, which will be used to pay creators and protect them from chargebacks as well as commission fees from traditional payment processing services (which can be as much as 8% in some cases). The only thing both creators and fans will really need to worry about is gas fees.

Assuming the NFT marketplace will work as many others do, creators will be able to create their own NFTs and mint them on the blockchain while users will be able to buy, trade and sell them in order to earn profits and grow their personal collections of digital assets. Now I’m only speculating here, but given that just about every NFT marketplace works like this, I think it’s a pretty safe bet. There may be other features the Shush Club NFT Marketplace will host, but until we have more information, I can’t say for sure.

Will Shush Club Topple OnlyFans?

I don’t think OnlyFans will disappear overnight, and maybe not at all, but from what it seems, Shush Club is already garnering a lot of interest and could well become a major threat to OnlyFans’ hegemony in the not-too-distant future. Amouranth is certainly putting her faith in the platform’s value proposition and will likely play her role as brand advisor to the best of her ability.

Shush Club promises numerous ways of earning income including pay per reveal messages, custom requests, online store(s), digital goods, 1-on-1 chats and much more. They’re going all-out in their bid to win over both creators and fans, and now that their IDO has begun, we’ll see just how well they perform in the coming months:

The Shush Club IDO is now live!

The Web3 space is absolutely fascinating. Every single day there are new developments, and it’s exciting to see so many new ventures across a range of industries working to build Web3 platforms that seek to harness the power of blockchain technology to its fullest. Shush Club seems like a serious project with an experienced and committed team, so I’ll make sure to follow their progress…for research purposes, obviously…

So what do you think of Shush Club? Is this a project that has the potential to take on the likes of OnlyFans? Let us know your thoughts!

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