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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their art, their vibrant communities, or the unique features planned for their projects, there is definitely something here that will catch your eye. Today we bring you Paladin Pandas!

Paladin Panda-monium!

Paladin Pandas is a gamified collection of 10,000 unique ERC-1155 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. These playable paladins are hand-drawn and feature over 150 programmatically generated traits across 6 classes and 9 categories. Each panda has its own background story and is ready for battle.

Legend has it, these pandas were bamboo-zled by the old gods. With their home planet destroyed and forced to rebuild, the Panda Elders entrusted only the most elite panda warriors with the task of retrieving their most sacred resource—Bambooniums. The Paladin Pandas travel space scavenging, mining, and raid boss farming, ready to fight for glory!

Intergalactic Gamification

One way to battle for rewards is a rogue-like game called, ‘Space Expedition’ where every adventure is a random map that pits your pandas against evil invaders for a chance to win Bambooniums and other exciting prizes, which is promised to include some very high-profile NFTs! The game is still in development, but the paladin engineering team just released their updated Space Expedition whitepaper to include some pand-tastic new details!

Click the image below or visit🐼🎮📃 to learn more!


  • Asian Inspired & Created - All Paladin Pandas are carefully crafted by experienced and highly skilled Asian artists
  • Play-2-Earn - There are six classes with different skills and an assortment of weapons to choose from
  • Community First - Community contributors are rewarded regularly, and numerous community activities and airdrops are currently being planned
  • Full Ownership - When you mint a Paladin Panda, you get the full commercial rights to it, so you can reproduce, sell and do pretty much anything you want with it
  • Wildlife Protection - A portion of all proceeds received will be donated to animal protection charities for Pandas as well as other endangered wild animals


Some important things to know while building your collection are that rareness and diversity play critical roles in ensuring a successful battle and, consequently, your ability to earn rewards. For instance, having pandas from 3 different classes gives you special in-game advantages (or ‘BUFFS,’ for the initiated). The more classes you hold, the more skills and positionings you can use, the more enemies you can defeat!

Yeah…did you catch that?
There’s even a freaking hoverboard! 🤯

  • Fur
    • Golden (0.2%)
    • Alien (1%)
    • Zombie (3%)
    • Leopard (6%)
    • Quick Silver (6%)
    • Panda (≈83.8%)
  • Class
    • Commando (≈16.7%)
    • CyberBard (≈16.7%)
    • Engineer (≈16.7%)
    • Main Tank (≈16.7%)
    • Medic (≈16.7%)
    • Sniper (≈16.7%)
  • Background
    • Graffiti (≈0.6%)
    • Bamboo (≈1%)
    • Aquamarine (≈5.8%)
    • Coral (≈5.8%)
    • Spring (≈5.8%)
    • Orange (≈5.8%)

Note that some of the rarest traits include the Graffiti and Bamboo backgrounds as well as Golden, Zombie, Alien, Leopard, and QuickSilver furs. The Panda Elders have hinted that these are important aspects to keep in mind going forward.

What’s Next for Paladin Pandas?

Initially, 709 out of 10,000 Paladin Pandas will be withheld and airdropped to Genesis Hodlers; 91 out of 10,000 will be withheld for community events and the team, and 200 out of 10,000 will be set aside for prizes within the game.

Click the image above or here to view the full Roadmap.


The Paladin Pandas public sale started September 28th at 4 AM PDT…and it sold out in 32 minutes! Fortunately, you can still pick some up over on their OpenSea .

At the time of writing, Paladin Pandas’ stats are as follows:

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