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It’s Day 2 of our 5 Day Discovery of the Day Halloween Special! We’re taking a closer look at all things ghostly and ghastly as we wind up October and draw ever-closer to All Hallows’ Eve. Today we bring you some Day-Glo Ghouls that will surely shock and amaze even the most adamant of skeptics: say Hello to Ethereals!

The Color In Our Space

Ah, so you survived the night…how fortunate. However, I imagine your sleep was a restless one. I have yet to hear of a guest who sleeps soundly through the night. Much like H.P. Lovecraft , I often dream of vast cosmic vistas the likes of which no rational mind could countenance. In fact, I must confess that last night was no exception. Even now my mind is filled with lurid images of some brightly colored specters. In fact, they remind me very much of another series in our gallery. Follow me…

Be careful of the trees…our gardener has been absent of late

And here we are! Ethereals is a collection of 12,345 ectoplasmic NFTs haunting the graveyards of the Ethereum Blockchain. These spectacularly spooky specters are hand-drawn and randomly generated using traits such as facial features, auras, arms, headgear, and protective sheets purposed to guard their cosmic forms from the harms associated with trans-dimensional travel. There are even several cultural references and super-insider rarities believed to have been conjured from the far reaches of the metaverse.

Tickets to the FUN PARK

The ETHEREAL FUN PARK is rumored to be located in a secret (and nearly impossible to find) remote patch of time and space. Those first to find and share the coordinates became known as ‘the OGs.’ However, park guests would need to face many more challenges before they could become ‘RIDERS.’

When the ETHEREAL FUN PARK was created, the park operators capped admission at 12,345 riders, reflecting the 1,2,3,4,5 seconds it takes to reach the top of the greatest roller coaster of all existence before dropping into blissful oblivion.

Upon speaking the secret phrase and exiting the park, RIDERS activated their new ETHEREAL forms, granting them the power to travel inter-dimensionally in search of endless fun until the end of time.

‘Where’s The Fun?’

Travelers initially used all manner of devices to arrive at the Fun Park. However, these approaches are not sustainable for infinite wormhole travel.

Upon assuming their new forms, Ethereals receive sheets that not only protect their ectoplasm, but allow them to travel throughout all times and dimensions in search of FUN. These sheets are indicators of various states of travel and are clues to how active an ETHEREAL is or how long they have been traveling.


Park operators run the ‘rides’—but the rides are far more than rides and the operators are far more than employees of the park. In fact, these rides are simply the most efficient forms for the ‘operators’ to process those that are worthy of being ETHEREAL.

The Ethereal Fun Park Operators have special powers and dominion over their specific areas in the park.

  • Hydro Park Operators - can bend and mold time
  • Fire Park Operators - can speed up time or destroy timelines all together
  • Terra Park Operators - can stop or grow timelines
  • Air Park Operators - can disintegrate time and parse it back together
  • Space Park Operator - has all the combined powers of all Ethereal Park Operators

Together they are able to create ETHEREALS through their combined park tech in the rides. Ethereal Park Operators are benevolent, but we don’t fully understand what their mission is yet. Only time will tell.


Chaos Operators are loved fiercely by all but are far too powerful and erratic. The Ethereal Park Operators used all their powers collectively to subdue them. For everyone’s safety, Chaos Operators have been tucked into the food court where they can roam freely and have fun.

They have an endless supply of power but very little discretion when it comes to using it…let’s just say that when they have fun, they can go a little…wild. Thankfully they are unaware of their true strength.

When overly excited, the ‘popcorn’ started to FLY! Each kernel of popcorn was a gift of power. The gifts they bestowed were ‘popped’ onto the other ETHEREALS at random which effectively created the 5 classes of Park Operators. Each was grateful for their newfound powers but had to take several steps to get the chaos under control.

Thanks to the Park Operators, the Chaos Operators can still use their powers, but only in a couple of areas of the park. It remains to be seen how long they will be subdued…


The Etherealtrons are Delta (Water), Theta (Terra or Earth), Beta (Air) and Gamma (Fire). They are the creators of the Ethereal Fun Park Operators (EFP Staff) and Ethereal Fun Park Tech (the rides). The Etherealtrons imbued the Operators with their knowledge to create and maintain the ETHEREAL FUN PARK.

It’s important to note that Etherealtrons are not bound by a physical presence. They only choose to appear in forms easily understandable to lower life forms in order to communicate and assist them with their Ethereal ascension.

The Way Unto Ascension

The Ethereals Roadmap is filled to the brim with events, benefits and plans. Check out our graphic adaptation of their original Roadmap below (be sure to check the Ethereals website and Discord for regular updates as the Roadmap is subject to change at any time without prior notice).

Spectral Stats

All 12,345 Ethereal NFTs have already been minted, but you can still pick some up on OpenSea . You can also view Ethereal traits and rarity scores by visiting .

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Available Items - 12.3K
  • Owners - 4.8K

It seems our exploration of these fluorescent spirits has reached an end. Quite the tale, don’t you think? You want to leave, yes? Well I’m afraid that isn’t possible…you see, something is prowling the grounds and we’ve already lost several members of staff. For your safety I’ll need you to stay here in the basement. Now now, don’t protest…it’s for your own good! In the meantime, why don’t you follow Ethereals on Twitter and join their Discord so that you can stay connected to the outside world and learn more about what this fine project has to offer? That’s the spirit…get it? Until tomorrow then…sweet screams!

Sleep tight…don’t let the NFT Bugs bite!

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