Hell's Kitchen Is Joining the Metaverse!

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That’s right folks! Legendary celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay is bringing his award-winning culinary chaos to the Metaverse ! Through a partnership between ITV Studios, the team behind Hell’s Kitchen, and The Sandbox Metaverse, players will be able to enter a virtual experience designed in collaboration with Gordan Ramsay himself to visit multiple restaurants and kitchens that bring Gordon’s unique brand to life!

Hell’s Kitchen & Gordon Ramsay Enter The Sandbox

What Is Hell’s Kitchen?

Hell’s Kitchen is a culinary reality show where aspiring chefs compete against one another in grueling challenges that take place inside a cutthroat kitchen, all while Gordon Ramsay breathes down their necks and, more often than not, yells in their faces. The winner of the competition gets a lucrative gig working as a head chef at one of Gordon’s own restaurants and prime access to the man himself.

Having a chef of the caliber of Gordon Ramsay join the Metaverse is a huge boon for The Sandbox . Not only does Gordon have 22 Michelin stars over 16 restaurants, including multiple TV shows, but Hell’s Kitchen is a five-time Emmy winner that has spanned 20 seasons! This is easily one of the largest partnerships to date for The Sandbox and brings a brand new type of experience to their Metaverse.

What Will It Include?

Based on the initial announcement, the Hell’s Kitchen experience will bring a brand new culinary journey to The Sandbox that includes multiple settings like the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, various other kitchens and restaurants designed in collaboration with Gordon Ramsay, and lots of other in-game exclusives. While we don’t know specific details on all of the items available, they did specifically mention Gordon Ramsay avatars, and in the trailer video, you can see him running around The Sandbox swinging a giant fork, which, we have to admit, sounds amazing.

Even more exciting, Hell’s Kitchen appears to be an actual cooking game as well. A lot of the experiences in The Sandbox are fun environments, but don’t introduce any gameplay elements. In a recent tweet , The Sandbox actually says you’ll be able to “Create new dishes, win competitions, collect recipes & compete for your chance to make it to Head Chef.” All we have to say about that is: where do we sign up?

Seeing The Sandbox not only bring high-class partnerships to their Metaverse, but also new styles of gameplay bodes well for the future of the game, and this one looks like it could be one of the most exciting to date.

When Will It Release?

No details have been announced on official dates for the opening of Hell’s Kitchen or the Gordon Ramsay avatar mint, but The Sandbox Season 3 is launching soon, so it’s possible we may get some more details then.

With over 200 brands already building in The Sandbox, you’d be hard pressed to find a more exciting metaverse. The addition of Hell’s Kitchen and Gordon Ramsay’s signature brand is a huge win for the Metaverse and The Sandbox which will bring exciting new cosmetics, a new cooking themed game, and a whole lot of fun for players. You have to give credit to the team at Animoca for their hard work securing some of pop culture’s strongest brands as partners for The Sandbox. We can’t wait to jump into Hell’s Kitchen and have Gordon Ramsay call us an “idiot sandwich.”

Just make sure the scallops aren’t raw!

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