How the Predator Franchise Could Enter the Metaverse With "Prey"

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A lot of brands get the Metaverse and NFTs wrong. In the rush to cash in on the hype, it’s not uncommon to see major franchises flounder in their first attempts at digital collectibles. On the flip side, we’ve seen a few unique circumstances where the metaverse play has not only worked but created some interesting ideas for the future. The Predator franchise is well known in pop culture, and we think it has an amazing opportunity to capitalize on the Prey release by hopping into the Metaverse and NFTs while avoiding some of the pitfalls that have derailed previous efforts from major brands. Here’s our pitch for how the Predator franchise could enter the Metaverse with the release of Prey on Hulu on August 5th.

Enter The Sandbox!

A lot of pop culture brands and even movie studios have already joined The Sandbox . In fact, we talked about 5 brands that joined the Sandbox in a previous article and labeled it the Metaverse to beat. The diverse capabilities of The Sandbox and their previous experience working with big entertainment brands is the perfect opportunity to create something truly unique for the Predator franchise.

Imagine a new land in The Sandbox that mirrors the jungle from the original Predator, or more specifically in this case, one based on their newest entry, “Prey”. You could even have several different settings or even connected lands that mirror scenes from Predator, Predator 2, and Prey (let’s pretend the others don’t exist). This Metaverse Predator experience would be something fun that would let players jump into some of the best scenes from the movies and just run around and enjoy a part of movie history in a new and exciting way.

Not only that, but you could implement NPC characters based on Dutch, Danny Glover’s character from Predator 2, or the hero from the new “Prey” movie (who goes by the name Naru and is played by Amber Midthunder ). These interactions would be a lot of fun for fans and would make it one of the most interesting and enjoyable lands to visit in The Sandbox.

NFTs in The Sandbox

To go along with the new land and experience, the Predator franchise is ripe with great characters that would make really fun skins for The Sandbox. This is one area, however, where we can do things a bit differently from past launches to make the NFTs and the experience more accessible to fans by changing up the game and setting a new standard.

In a traditional NFT launch of avatars or skins on The Sandbox, they’ve opted for limited releases that play on digital scarcity to create an economic situation that prices out many players. Some of the most recent announcements for new avatars, like Steve Aoki’s Sandbox Avatars, were set to launch as high as $160 a piece! But this time with Predator, there’s an amazing opportunity to do something different that’s more inclusive and lets everyone get in on the fun.

The goal would be to not artificially limit skins and make them available at an affordable price to players. That means launching skins between $1.99-$5.99 each. These skins would consist of popular characters from various movies and could include epic versions like:

  • Dutch (Predator)
  • Muddy Dutch (Predator)
  • Billy (Predator)
  • Hawkins (Predator)
  • Blaine (Predator)
  • Mac (Predator)
  • Dillon (Predator)
  • Naru (Prey)
  • Lt. Mike Harrigan (Predator 2)
  • Royce (Predators)
  • Hanzo (Predators)

As well as various versions of the Predators themselves from the different movies in the franchise. Imagine running around in the jungles of the Predator chasing another player in a muddy Dutch skin in a game of tag. It might sound silly, but it would bring a fun experience unlike anything else currently available outside of The Walking Dead (which is also in The Sandbox).

Last but not least, you could release collectible decorations for The Sandbox for builders. Imagine an NFT version of the Predators’ skull collections or display versions of their weapons you could put on the wall of a house or movie theater in the Metaverse. These items could retail for $2.99 and be fun decorations that anyone could get.

The biggest catch here is that all of these skins and decorations should be available in large quantities. Unlike other launches that use artificial scarcity, I would make these NFTs available now and leave them up for sale indefinitely with no limit on the number available. If someone wants to run around as Dutch in the Metaverse, it shouldn’t be limited to 100 people, and it shouldn’t cost $10,000+.

Give Us a Call, Fox!

If Disney or Fox or whoever owns the franchise likes our idea, give us a call (or The Sandbox). We’d be more than happy to help you get started. We think the Predator franchise is the perfect fit and would be an awesome addition to The Sandbox. With the newest movie building a lot of buzz and rejuvenating the franchise, now would be a perfect time! Whether it’s the jungles of Predator or the streets of New York from Predator 2, we would love to run around in a replica of some of our favorite scenes dressed as a Predator. Just remember, if you see us chasing you out of the corner of your eye, Get to Da Choppaaaa!

So what do you think? Would you like to see the Predator franchise join Metaverse and create a land in The Sandbox? Would you play? Let us know your thoughts!

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