MSQ Announces NFTY Village Metaverse Featuring NFT Collection, Loyalty Program, and Blockchain Game!

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At MSQ, we believe that the blockchain industry needs to put a much larger focus on community building and breaking down barriers. In order to do that, we have made our focus as wide as possible and welcome all forms of projects and users from all over the cryptoverse to join and be a part of the MSQ community. We welcome them with open arms and do our best to provide value back to them through features, interviews, and in the case of games, even live streams at MSQ Gaming .

This model has proven to be a winning combination and the MSQ community continues to grow every day, but we want to do more. We think that too many communities in the cryptoverse are focused strictly on price and how soon they can get on their rocket to the moon. In order for the industry to grow and mature, we need to focus on looking past generic price talk and move into a phase where we use the technology to push new ideas and build new blockchain-based systems that show the true power of the decentralized tools we are all building.

With that said, we are happy to introduce our first new original product by the MSQ team.

Welcome to NFTY Village

NFTY Village is an original product being built by MSQ. In NFTY Village, we will create an awesome new NFT collection, a new and innovative community loyalty program, and a fully featured game to bring it all together. We believe NFTY Village can set the standard for blockchain-based community building and loyalty programs moving forward and we can’t wait to show you more.

Let’s take a look at what it all means in a bit more detail.

NFTY Village is an NFT Collection

In case it wasn’t already clear, NFTY Village is squarely focused on providing added utility and rewards to users through the power of NFTs. Collectibles are one of the largest categories of projects listed on MSQ for a reason and we can’t wait to unveil our first collection—but we won’t stop there. NFTY Village will feature a series of NFT collections that will form a NFTY Village Metaverse over time. We will post an entire blog article outlining more about our NFT collection as well, but as a sneak peek, we will be starting with Season 1: Journey to Alpacria.

NFTY Village is a Loyalty Program

With NFTY Village, we are introducing a brand new community experience through a series of something we call ‘Journeys.’ Journeys will encourage community engagement and interaction through a series of challenges that will reward custom NFTs in the NFTY Village Metaverse. We will release an entire blog post outlining the NFTY Village Loyalty Program and what you can expect, but for now, think of it as a cross between a loyalty program, a Fortnite Battle Pass, and an NFT drop.

NFTY Village is a Game, Powered by NFTs

NFTs are great, but NFTs with utility are even better. That is why all of the NFTs released as part of the NFTY Village metaverse, whether it be through the loyalty program, special promotions, mint passes, or in-game, will be fully redeemable in the NFTY Village game. That means any Villagers, Pets, or In-Game Decor you receive for participating in the NFTY Village Loyalty Program, Mints, or Airdrops will all be usable in-game to decorate your own village. This brings a new level of value and utility to our loyalty program, and we think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Yes, I Want That! Sign Me Up!

NFTY Village is an exciting new project and we would love to have you on board! We will be announcing an upcoming mint pass release, our full roadmap, as well as more details on our systems in the upcoming weeks. To get the most up-to-date information and be the first to know, join our Discord and follow NFTY Village on Twitter !

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