NFT Skeletons Walk the Earth - It's Wicked Craniums!

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We have officially made it to the halfway point in our Halloween NFT Special. From Monday to Friday, MSQ brings you some of our top picks from the worlds of Blockchain Gaming, NFTs and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Today we continue our theme of frightfully fun NFT projects that make for some spine-tinglingly good times. For Wednesday’s Discovery of the Day, we present…Wicked Craniums!

Getting ‘A Head’ in the World of NFTs

I hope the basement hasn’t been too cold and damp for you dear traveler. And I certainly hope you haven’t ventured too far into its depths. Rumor has it that the substructure of our Manor connects to an extensive network of caves that run deep under the crust of the Earth. I for one would be most upset if I found that you had disappeared without a trace. Oh I don’t mean to frighten you of course, it’s just that I have no idea what’s down there…and to be honest, I’m surprised you’re still here. You must be a special one! What? You want out? Oh very well, I’m not one to deny a person of their right to freedom, and besides…there’s so much to explore!

Let’s take a little walk through the graveyard today. What do you say? It’s not the best day for a walk here. Usually I enjoy watching the way the late morning sun filters through the gnarled and twisting trees to reveal the precise edges of the many mausoleums here. Sadly this dense fog that rolled in overnight has obscured most of the details. Most frustrating!

Seems like there won’t be any sun today…how unfortunate!

There’s actually one particular Mausoleum I think you will thoroughly enjoy. Mind yourself now, it’s a little dark. Allow me to light some candles…aaaand…there you have it! Take a look at these fascinating skulls we recently brought in from the Island of Osseous. This sample of Wicked Craniums is just a handful of the 10,762 Craniums that populate the catacombs of the Ethereum Blockchain. Sadly we couldn’t move them all and we don’t technically own these…in fact, anyone who purchases a Wicked Cranium is its rightful owner, and nothing can change that.

The Wicked Craniums revolve around their tribal values, and the team behind the project hopes that you will align with them as well! The four core values of the Wicked Craniums Community are Adventure, Mischief, Boldness, and Camaraderie

So what exactly do these resurrected skeletons look like in their quasi-corporeal states? Observe these former occupants of the ossuary and judge for yourself!

Harold’s propensity for Norse Mythology was starting to affect his work ethic

That nail is one tap away from being a total frontal lobotomy…

Gordon Ramsey regretted ordering the Extra Hot Vindaloo Curry

The Creators of Calcified Craniums

And what of the minds behind these walking High School Biology Class features? Well, Wicked Craniums is a project by Reckless Labs , an initiative by Doob and Derb , a dynamic duo driving in a drastically different direction. As the pair relates, this project is their way of showing others their ‘weird little world.’ The two describe themselves as curious individuals who enjoy talking about just about anything…and with angelic faces like these, how could you possibly turn down an opportunity to converse, hmm?

The newest diet had done wonders for Doob and Derb’s self-confidence and medical bills

The Wicked Stallions

They say every horse needs a rider, but in the case of Wicked Craniums, it seems the opposite is true. Cranium holders were all permitted to mint a Wicked Stallion, a special companion for each of the Wicked Craniums, free of charge. That’s right, every single Cranium holder was able to mint a Wicked Stallion for no charge whatsoever. Here’s an example of one such skeletal steed:

Augmented Reality (AR) Filters

Upon reaching 100% Roadmap Activation, Wicked Craniums launched a bunch of AR filters for Instagram. Taking a look at these 3D models, it’s safe to say the end result is nothing short of bone-jarringly brilliant! Be sure to check them out when you get a chance…

God Cranium Auction

On October 30th 2021 (just one day before Halloween), The God Craniums , the first-ever 1/1 NFTs created by Reckless Labs, will be auctioned off via Nifty Gateway . 100% of the proceeds will go towards several charitable organizations that collaborated on this collection including UNICEF , Acumen, Mercy Corps, Health Finance Institute, Red Cross and Sandclock Org in order to bridge the gap between DeFi and philanthropy. If you’re lucky enough to win the bid for God Cranium, you will own the original version of the artwork and help towards a very noble cause indeed. Take a look at these magnificent specimens…

From Top left to Bottom Right: Water, Fire, Air and Earth God Craniums

Too Much to Mention!

My dear traveler, this may come as a surprise to you, but the above is just the start with Wicked Craniums. Just a few of the areas that have either been explored or are about to be embarked upon include the following:

  • Staking
  • A Members Only Platform known as the Wicked Craniums Cradle
  • Community Wallet
  • Merchandise
  • Liquidity Pool
  • Wicked Craniums on The Sandbox
  • A Theme Song
  • And much much more…

For a list of what Wicked Craniums has already achieved and is currently working on, just visit their official website .

You have to admit, the WC merch is totally off the hook!

Skeletal Stats

Wicked Craniums dropped ton Sunday June 20th 2021 and sold out in just 32 minutes! So as you may have guessed, if you want a Wicked Cranium, you’ll need to visit their OpenSea page. Now how about some stats?

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Total Items - 10,762
  • Total Owners - +4.5K (most Craniums are staked, so OpenSea figure may differ)

My oh my, the fog has really rolled in. We’ll need to stay in the nearby log cabin for tonight. Don’t worry, it’s quite safe…as long as you don’t open the door, of course. As you may have guessed, our Manor is one of the largest around, and there are many parts to it. Now that we’re safely at the cabin, you can take the time to follow Wicked Craniums on Twitter and join their Discord so that you don’t miss a thing, and indeed that things don’t miss you either…

Once again I bid thee a good night, weary traveler. I’ll be in the next room should you need me…but my advice? Pull the covers over your head and don’t mind any sounds you hear. The night is full of surprises, and you don’t want to come face to face with them. Trust me…I know.

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