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If this doesn’t excite you, then we’re not sure what will. Yup, The History Channel has officially launched its own NFT Marketplace! Powered by Xooa , this NFT marketplace allows you to own a piece of history and give back to the world in the process. What’s more, you don’t even need a crypto wallet to access it! The History Channel is known across the world and has been around for many years, so this foray into Web3 means they plan to stay for the future too! Let’s dive in and take a look at this awesome new development and find out why it’s such a big deal!

NFTs Making History?

The world’s gone through countless changes over the course of time. In terms of human existence, we’ve evolved from hunter gatherers to agrarian societies to industrial powerhouses and now a post-industrial globalized world. We’re more numerous and interconnected than ever before, but while some people think that studying and appreciating history is a waste of time, I always say, “Everything is history.” By that I mean, everything we know is either taking place right now or happened in the past, but since “now” is just a fleeting moment, we can only really understand things once they’ve happened (and often when it’s too late to do anything to change those things). So whether you know it or not, you and everyone is an historian in some way or another.

The History Channel started all the way back in 1995 and has been going strong ever since. With hit shows like Ancient Aliens , Pawn Stars , and Vikings , they’ve become one of the top sources of entertainment for people across the globe. While some have criticized The History Channel for promoting pseudoscience and sensationalism with shows like Ancient Aliens (which I personally love), they’ve expanded their catalog to cater to a wider audience and tap into areas they previously had no exposure to. Whether you love it or hate it, The History Channel remains a top player in the world of television and will almost certainly remain so for years to come.

The History Channel still produces some great content

It’s clear that The History Channel’s longevity is a result of its ability to adapt over time. Yeah, so many traditional history buffs may dislike Ancient Aliens or find Vikings historically inaccurate or sensationalist, but it does get people viewing and talking about content. At the end of the day, The History Channel is only successful because it’s done its best to cater to its audience and ensure that it grows by using various approaches to garner interest and gain new subscribers. If you know anything about history, it’s that you need to learn from your mistakes, but if you really know history, then you know you need to learn from the mistakes of others…

Moving Into the Future

Seeing that The History Channel operates by innovating and mixing up the old with the new, their move into the world of Web3 and NFTs is absolutely logical. What’s more is that an established name like The History Channel is tapping into the world of NFTs, which despite all the criticism its receive, is clearly a form of tech that’s continuing to make waves across the world. I know a lot of people think NFTs are a scam and that they harm the environment, but since Ethereum is now a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, the ecological factors are pretty much not an issue anymore. NFTs are a form of digital ownership, and when done right, they can do (and have done) a lot of good for a whole lot of people.

Now before we take a closer look at The History Channel NFT Marketplace, I’d like to point out that the NFTs on offer actually aren’t badly priced at all. Just take a look for yourself:

These NFT drops are actually affordable!These NFT drops are actually affordable!

So maybe you think these are a little expensive, but when you consider what some people pay for NFTs from no name projects, I would call these an absolute bargain. Despite the fact that each of these NFT drops are limited in quantity (looks like it ranges from 500 to 1,000 per drop), they aren’t insanely priced, so the barrier to entry for new collectors is relatively low. What’s more is that you don’t even need to understand Web3 or have a crypto wallet in order to buy these NFTs! This further reduces the barrier to entry and should entice people to get involved sooner rather than later. Still not convinced? Well how about if I told you that many of the NFTs on The History Channel’s Marketplace are associated with at least one charity or social cause? Simply put, just by buying an NFT, you’re helping those who are less fortunate or disenfranchised live a better quality of life and improve their prospects. Surely that’s enough reason to get involved?

But Wait, What Are These NFTs About?

I suppose the answer “History” isn’t exactly satisfactory since that’s a pretty broad descriptor. I think it’s best if I let The History Channel explain it in their own words:

Our NFT collections are designed as a way for collectors to own a piece of history, from seminal moments in time to original artwork inspired by your favorite HISTORY® Channel original shows. These one-of-a-kind experiences explore historic anniversaries, famous groundbreakers, lesser-known history makers and much more, to capture how the past has shaped the world around us.

Hopefully that explains it in a little more depth. Each drop is its own unique collection that celebrate or commemorates some unique part of history. In this way, collectors can literally own a piece of history and enjoy that they are one of a select number of people who hold the piece in question. There are already a couple of drops on offer, but others are on their way. Check this out:

Upcoming NFT Drops on The History Channel’s NFT MarketplaceUpcoming NFT Drops on The History Channel’s NFT Marketplace

So there’s still plenty on its way, and if the existing quality is anything to go by, you can be sure that future drops will be just as good, if not even better. I for one think this move by the History Channel, or more specifically A&E Networks , is nothing short of brilliant. We may be in a bear market right now, but in spite of this fact, yet another major player has entered the world of Web3-powered digital collectibles.

Again, what I love most about these NFT drops is that they’re all reasonably priced despite the fact that there are only a select few of each. So for relatively little spend, you get a pretty unique NFT from the History Channel that you can hold forever or potentially even sell for a considerable profit down the line (not financial advice). Regardless of what you feel, The History Channel not only has its own NFT collections, but its own Marketplace! If that doesn’t tell you they’re committed, then I don’t know what will convince you…

So what do you think of The History Channel’s NFT Marketplace? Do you like the drops? Or is it not really your bag? Let us know your thoughts!

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