NFTY Village NFTs: The Loyalty Collection

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If you missed our first two blog posts, we introduced the basics of NFTY Village and took a deeper look at the guiding principles and goals of NFTY Village . Now that we have laid the foundation for what NFTY Village is all about, let’s get down to the fun stuff!

Today we will start mapping out the various types of NFT collections that make up the NFTY Village Metaverse (NVM). With NFTY Village, you will be able to buy, earn, and win a wide range of NFTs as we go on this epic adventure! In this blog post, we will take a look at our first launch, The NFTY Village Loyalty Collection!

What is a Loyalty Collection?

NFTY Village is about building a community that leaves no villager behind. We have put a large focus on ensuring that the NFTY Village Metaverse will be open to all types of users with no limiting factors to participation. One of the biggest complaints we have seen in the NFT space is that many collections are just too expensive. A large part of the community gets priced out of participation because, let’s face it, $3,000 for an NFT is a LOT of money to most people.

That is why we are creating the NFTY Village Loyalty Collection. The Loyalty Collection will be a series of special edition Villagers, Pets, and Decor items only available through the NFTY Village Loyalty Program. These collections are not available to buy directly in a mint, they are not a part of the mint pass, and they will never be sold directly by us. The Loyalty Collection is only available if you earn it by engaging with and supporting both and the NFTY Village community.

How Do I Earn One?

The NFTY Village Loyalty Program will feature many different ways to earn NFTs over the course of each Journey. While we are not ready to fully release the specifics of the Loyalty Program, here are a few examples of the types of things we might include:

  • Join our Discord, Follow on Twitter
  • Be an OG Villager in Discord
  • Participate in Community Events
  • Sign-up for MSQ
  • Share news, events, or competitions
  • Engage on Social Media

These examples are just the beginning and we plan to develop and expand the NFTY Village Loyalty Program for years to come. The Journey to Alpacria is just the first Journey and we will have many opportunities to earn exclusive NFTs as we continue our adventures to new and mysterious lands.

What Collections Can I Earn?

Our first NFTY Village Loyalty Collection will be the Halloween in Alpacria collection! This collection falls within the Journey to Alpacria and features a special Halloween themed collection of exclusive NFTs only available to those who participate and engage in our Halloween festivities.

We will announce more collections throughout the Journey to Alpacria and there will be many opportunities to get involved and earn some really exciting prizes!

How Do I Find Out More?!

For more information on the NFTY Village Loyalty Program and our NFT collections as a whole, make sure to Join our Discord , Follow us on Twitter , and keep an eye on the blog at MSQ .

The Halloween festivities have already started in our discord and we have several contests and giveaways currently going on. Come and join us for your choice to earn your first NFTY Village NFTs and join us on this crazy adventure!

If you buy something through our posts, MSQ may get a share of the sale. For more details, read here.
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