NFTY Village NFTs: The Mint Pass Collection

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If you missed our first blog post in the series, we talked about the NFTY Village Loyalty Collection and how we are focused on making NFTY Village inclusive for everyone. Not only that, but we actually airdropped our first collection, Halloween in Alpacria , to our OG Discord members on Halloween! While our loyalty collection is squarely focused on rewarding community members who positively engage and become pillars of the community, we also want to offer other ways to acquire exclusive NFTs.

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to dive deep into the loyalty program and be active in the community. If that is you, todays’ collection will be right up your alley! Let’s take a look at one of our most anticipated drops, The NFTY Village Mint Pass!

What is a Mint Pass?

For those who may not be familiar with the concept, a mint pass is like a membership card to a special club. By holding the membership card (a mint pass) you are entitled to special perks. Typically these perks include access to a members only chat and the ability to mint a special NFT collection or, in some cases, to mint during an exclusive presale period. While all mint passes are different, the basics are the same. No mint pass, no mint.

The NFTY Village Mint Pass

For the NFTY Village Mint Pass, we wanted to take the mint pass experience to the next level. If you think of NFTY Village in gaming terms, owning a NFTY Village Mint Pass is like subscribing to an MMO or buying a Fortnite battle pass. While everyone will have the chance to earn and win special edition NFTs, you are upgrading by buying a mint pass to gain access to exclusive, limited mints, as well as additional perks only available to mint pass holders.

Let’s take a look at some key factors that we think make the NFTY Village Mint Pass worth the upgrade.

Multiple Mint Pass Editions

NFTY Village Mint Passes will come in multiple editions and each mint pass will encompass a unique Journey in the NFTY Village Metaverse. Our first mint pass will be the Nfty Village Mint Pass: Settlers Edition and will coincide with the Journey to Alpacria. While this is the first NFTY Village Mint Pass, it won’t be the only one we release. As each new Journey begins, we will release a new mint pass along with it.

Each mint pass we release will be unique and provide access to a different collection of NFTs. These NFT collections will be within a given journey but will be exclusive to the mint pass. That means that while you can collect SOME of our NFTs through the loyalty program, the mint pass NFTs will only be available to mint pass holders.

One (1) Mint Pass; Four (4) Collections

Each NFTY Village Mint Pass will allow the owner to mint four (4) NFTs in total from the corresponding collections. More specifically, the owner will be able to mint one (1) NFT from each of four (4) different event based collections assigned to their mint pass. These collections will be exclusive to the mint pass and unavailable anywhere else.

The four (4) collections that make up a mint pass will always be in the same journey. Our 1st journey is the “Journey to Alpacria” and all releases in the Settlers Edition Mint Pass will be taken from our experiences while exploring Alpacria.

For mint pass holders, all four (4) of the exclusive mints will be free and you will only be required to pay gas fees to mint your NFTs.

The Village Council (Members Club)

By owning a Settlers Edition Mint Pass you will gain access to the Village Council, a private members only club that will feature exclusive drops, giveaways, and members only events. We have a lot of surprises in store for our Mint Pass holders and the Village Council will be an exciting place for sure!

A Few More Suprises

While we are excited to share everything with you, we want to keep some things a surprise! We have a lot planned for the Journey to Alpacria and the Mint Pass offers another chance to get unique villagers, pets, and in-game decor items that you can’t get anywhere else.

We will be announcing the release date and initial sale of our Mint Pass soon so Join our Discord , Follow us on Twitter , and keep refreshing to make sure you are one of the first to know!

If you buy something through our posts, MSQ may get a share of the sale. For more details, read here.
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