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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their phenomenal artwork, awesome communities, or the exciting features planned for their projects, there’s undoubtedly something here for you! Today we bring you OpenBlox!

Excitement, Adventure, and Collaboration in OpenBlox

2021 has been an absolutely sterling year for crypto and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With each passing day, more and more individuals and organizations are waking up to the massive potential of NFTs to fundamentally change the way in which both players and developers create sustainable digital economies. By decentralizing elements using Blockchain technology, community involvement is becoming an evermore important part of the new financial system.

’Oh these shades? Got ‘em on OpenSea’

OpenBlox is an exciting new Play-to-Earn game in which users can venture forth with their unique characters known as Blox to discover a magical world that is continuously growing and developing. However, OpenBlox takes the experience a step further for players—it is also a one-stop platform that serves as an incubator for NFT gaming with interesting Intellectual Property (IP). To this end, OpenBlox aims to produce a series of games covering different modes including trading card games (TCGs), action role-playing games (ARPGs), FTG, role-playing games (RPGs), simulation video games (SIMs) and so forth.

What is a Blox, you ask? Well, it’s a collectible NFT ERC-721 token. In the OpenBlox world, a Blox is created as the fundamental character for not just one, but a series of games. Each Blox is programmatically generated and provably unique. No two Blox will ever be the same. The OpenBlox world resides within the colorful realms of the Ethereum Blockchain. Note that the OpenBlox team are looking in to Layer-2 solutions in order to reduce gas fees and improve the overall experience for players.

Each Blox is made of 6 elements, namely head, body, arms, legs, horns, and back. The body and head are determined by the Blox’s class, while its combat skills depend on the arms, legs, horns and back

The Blox world consists of three layers:

  • The Water Layer - with the Fish and the Frog
  • The Fire Layer - with the Techno and the Dragon
  • The Green Layer - with the Insect and the Flower

At one point these worlds existed separately, but after an unknown force effectively broke the boundaries between them, an ‘upward spiral’ was created. This totally transformed the Blox world into something truly diverse and complex in nature. As such, this newfound balance has changed the characteristics of the creatures that dwell within this uniquely diverse ecosystem.

How to Play OpenBlox

There are two options for players within the OpenBlox universe, namely Player-versus-Environment (PvE) or Player-versus-Player (PvP). In PvE, teams consisting of three Blox each travel across the OpenBlox to find and collect hidden treasures. However, this journey is fraught with peril…monsters and other challenges will force players to be on their guard and carefully consider their strategies in order to avoid defeat. Over time, these monsters and challenges will become more treacherous and difficult to overcome. Successfully completing challenges and vanquishing enemies will increase a team’s experience and allow them to earn tokens in the process. Once the deepest part of the randomly generated scenario map is reached, players will be able to take on the boss of the area.

In PvP Battle mode, players queue in the Ranked Arena in order to be randomly paired with an opponent of similar skill. The Blox Combat System is a turn-based card game that is won by the player that successfully eliminates their opponent’s team. Winners receive rewards while qualified players will earn game tokens as well as special equipment.

Users will need to adhere to an energy system. Each player will start off with an energy level of 20 bars, with 1 bar expended per round of gameplay. Every 24 hours, a player’s energy levels will be fully replenished.

Genesis Blox: ‘Hold & Grow to Earn’

The first collection OpenBlox will be releasing is Genesis Blox with a total of 7,998 available for minting. Any Blox users mint will serve not just as a profile picture for their social media pages, but as a central character for a series of games within the OpenBlox Ecosystem (yes, many games, not just one). In the future, users will be able to breed and trade their Blox on an open marketplace.

The team plans to launch the game’s Closed Beta by the end of November 2021, and Genesis holders will have priority access to it. The official public game is set to launch about one month later in December. Check out the OpenBlox website to find out more about this and get any and all of the latest updates.

GENESIS Blox holders will always (and exclusively) earn a stable revenue from OpenBlox’s proprietary breeding system. Their offspring and family growth will help them earn a dividend of up to 20% of the breeding fee, a substantial amount indeed.

For the breeding fee, a total of 16% will go directly into the Genesis Mint Holder Vault. This amount will subsequently be divided up and shared equally by all 7,998 Genesis holders.

Genesis holders are encouraged to breed and build their own families as this will increase their chances of sharing the remaining 4% of the total breeding fee.

What Does Father Time Plan for the Blox?

OpenBlox has a promising Roadmap with many drops planned as well as the implementation of the Blox Breeding System. Oh, and of course, there’s the launch of the game itself. How could I forget? Anyway, you can peruse the Q4 2021 Roadmap below 👇

Info on Minting

Minting for Genesis Blox commences on October 16th 2021. You can grab yourself one of these totally awesome and unique Blox via the project’s Presale page on their website. Watch that countdown closely! This one may just sell out in record time!

Herewith the details of the Mint so you know exactly what to expect:

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Total Items - 7,998
  • Mint Price - 0.3 ETH

OpenBlox is set to be one of the top projects in the realms of Blockchain Gaming and NFTs. There’s quite a bit to this Blockchain Endeavor, so make sure you follow OpenBlox on their Twitter and join their Discord to find out more about the project’s continued development and expanding community. Until next time fam, stay safe, and don’t list below floor!

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