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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their incredible artwork, vibrant communities or the awesome features planned for their projects, there’s sure to be something here that’ll grab you. Today we bring you Skullx!

From the Depths of Hell

From cute cartoon cats and dogs to frightening renderings of ghosts and ghouls, the sheer diversity of styles and collections within the world of NFTs is growing on a daily basis. It’s clear that Non-Fungible Tokens are here to stay and that several communities forming around these provably rare collections of digital art are truly committed to supporting (and holding on to) the pieces created by innovative and talented digital artists from around the world.

Today’s Discovery of the Day falls into the darker side of the NFT spectrum—Skullx is a series of collections of digital skulls and outlandish creatures that inhabit the murky underworld of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Now again, I said Skullx is a series of ‘collections,’ not just one single collection. The first generation of Skullx NFTs belong to the Skullx: Origins collection (otherwise known as ‘KinkySkullx’). There are exactly 666 of these colorfully demented, hand generated skulls in existence, and the vast majority of them already have owners. At time of writing, this collection has a floor price of 0.99 ETH, so if you want to get your hands on one, head over to their OpenSea page right now. As an added bonus, holding a Skullx: Origins piece grants you access to a free mint. Check out a sample of this collection below:

Greg really wasn’t happy with the new marketing direction, but at least sales were up from last Quarter…

Then there’s Skullx: Aeons . The second generation of Skullx NFTs, Aeons has a suitably more developed backstory and draws from the cosmic horror stylings of notable authors such as H.P. Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti .

Consisting of some 2,000 pieces, these primordial beings have existed since time immemorial. Denizens of far-flung dimensions, they have spent countless millennia wandering across the Netherverse, protecting their domains and eliminating any who oppose their superiority. Up until recently, these terrifying giants have remained inert in a deep slumber, but disturbances from a troubled past have roused them from their long rest. As such, the fallen Aeons of the Old World have freed themselves from the confines of the Nether and are hungry to reclaim that which was once theirs. At time of writing, Skullx: Aeons has a floor price of 0.26 ETH. Gaze into the eyes of his specimen, if you dare:

This actually reminds me of SCP-3000 (otherwise known as Anantashesha), though I think this gargantuan ‘Summoner’ is way more terrifying!

Now I’d also like to draw your attention to this very limited edition of Skullx NFTs, or rather a collaborative effort, MechNuggets x Skullx . Consisting of eight 3D Mech Skullx summoned from Hell, this expertly rendered collection currently has a floor price of 0.88 ETH. Also, every Skullx: Aeons piece acts as a mint pass, so make sure that, if you own one, you use it before the public sale opens! Here’s my favorite piece from the collection:

If the creator(s) of this piece isn’t a Megadeth fan, then I don’t know…

The artist behind Skullx is ‘666 .’ Yes, that’s literally all I can tell you, but their NFTs are diabolically delightful, if I do say so myself…

What’s Next for Skullx?

I’m glad you asked, because the next collection, Skullx: 10k, is due for release sometime in October. As you may have guessed, this new crop consists of 10,000 Skullx that will soon be summoned as ERC-721 tokens to fight for and protect their realms. The lore reveals that a looming darkness of the past, yet to be fully revealed, will change the fate of all. Ominous!

I gotta get my mitts on one of these bad boys!

As for the Roadmap, well, it’s not super detailed, but it looks like airdrops, a migration of the Pixel Skullx Contract, the 1st utility of Aeons and the establishment of a SkullxDAO are all on the cards. See for yourself:

Nothing wrong with pragmatism!


Given that Skullx consists of a few collections, the following stats apply to Skullx: Origins.

  • Total Items - 476/666
  • Owners - 137
  • Floor Price - 0.99 ETH
  • Volume Traded - 161 ETH

The collection is currently sold out, but you can view Skullx: Origins over here on their Opensea page. You can also check out Skullx: Aeons , Skullx: Editions and MechNuggets x Skullx if you’d like to find out more about each individual collection.

As a fan of darker stuff and Metal, I gotta tell ya, Skullx really floats my boat. With a super active team, growing community and a sick new collection about to drop, Skullx is definitely an NFT project you’ll want to follow closely. Have your wallet at the ready so you don’t miss out on the next mint! You have been warned!

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