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It’s time for another amazing Discovery of the Day! MSQ is the home of all things decentralized and Blockchain related. From Monday to Friday we bring you all our top picks for NFTs, DeFi protocols and Blockchain games. It’s a spooky time of year, so this week we’re looking at projects with a distinctly Halloween flavor. Today we are proud to present the refreshingly creepy Halloween Bears!

(S)care Bears

Greetings NFT enthusiast! I am sure you must be quite weary from all the shilling that takes place on popular social media sites such as ‘The Twitter,’ no? And just look at you! Wet through from that terrible storm raging outside! As the late Lord of the Manor once said to me, ‘From time to time, we all need some respite.’ Yes? Well worry not! This week on MSQ, we have plenty of comfortable beds for you to rest in…oh, what’s that? These beds look more like coffins to you!? Oh heavens, don’t be absurd! They’re ergonomically shaped for your, uh…comfort! Believe me, our reputation is…impeccable.

Before we put you to rest, I mean, you lay down to rest, why not peruse our Mansion’s extensive and resplendent Gallery? Now please, I don’t want to hear anything about the eyes of portraits ‘following you’ as you walk, it’s just your imagination. Ah, here we are… aren’t these exquisite? Halloween Bears is a collection of 9,999 randomly generated NFTs lurching across the mortuaries of the Ethereum Blockchain. These exhumed ursas live in horrid harmony via a DAO, allowing their distant cousins to solemnly seek asylum should they require it. As much as I would love to purchase one of these undead bears simply for their shockingly stylish aesthetics, they do actually hold a most unusual utility for those that hold the keys to their reanimated state.

What did I say? It’s nothing! It’s simply a trick of the mind. Now please, focus!

Staking (Careful Vampires!)

Halloween Bears plan to implement staking (not the wooden kind) where holders of NFTs can stake their Bears in return for $SWEETZ, a utility token valued against the cumulative wealth of the DAO’s assets (that is, all NFTs purchased by the DAO). $SWEETZ tokens have no monetary value in themselves, but they can be exchanged or ‘burned’ for various utilities (see the Halloween Bears Roadmap for upcoming utilities). To learn more about Staking and the tokenomics of $SWEETZ, visit the Halloween Bears Discord .

Halloween DAO

As I mentioned earlier, the team behind Halloween Bears formed a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as part of their project. The Halloween Bears DAO initially formed to accumulate tokens from the popular Bears Deluxe project. The Halloween Bears DAO plans to accumulate 100 ETH worth of Bears Deluxe tokens prior to the implementation of staking. Once this has goal has been achieved, the DAO community will vote on future projects to invest in.

Analyzing Necrotic Nuances

And of course we can’t leave out how incredibly eerie these zombified bears look! Each Halloween Bear is made up from several different traits including outfits, faces, masks, backgrounds, headgear and more! Here’s a small selection for you to take in:

Somewhere between a bat, a zombie and a duck-billed playtpus, we get this bear

Plague Doctor Bear forgot to lance his patient’s Buboes :(

Ki ki ki ma ma ma

Horribly Ever After Halloween

The project is called Halloween Bears, but what happens once all the ghouls and ghosts have returned to their catacombs? Thankfully…plenty! The Halloween Bears Roadmap is jam-packed with events and features the creation of a committee, weekly AMAs with the project’s developers and community leaders, staking (as I mentioned earlier), and Halloween celebrations that include a Halloween Trick-or-Treat Week. Last but not least, there’s minting season-themed bears using $SWEETZ (be on the lookout for Christmas and other holiday events!) Here’s the full Roadmap:

Stupefying Stats

The Halloween Bears collection is currently sold out, but you can still grab one over on their official OpenSea page.

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information:

  • Total Items - 9,999
  • Owners - 2.6K

That draws this evening’s viewing to a close. Now please, I must escort you to your room and ask you to deadbolt the door behind you…after all, you never know what nefarious things might be lurking in the hallways of our Manor. Oh, and do follow Halloween Bears closely. You can track these scary bears via their Twitter , and you can even join their Discord to see what the Sorcerers who brought these monstrous munchkins to life have to share about the project’s latest developments.

Ah, it appears we’ve arrived at your room. I’ll see you tomorrow for another Discovery of the Day…provided you survive the night, of course. Muhahahahaha!

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