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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether its their art, their exciting communities, or the unique things planned in their projects, there is definitely something here to grab your interest. Today we are taking a look at Reckless Whales!

Joining the Whale Pod

Today I learned that a group of whales is called a pod. I also learned that Reckless Whales are a set of 10,000 provably-rare tokens. The concept of a whale in crypto is someone who has a lot of capital to invest. A reckless whale is self-explanatory–someone who blows it all on NFTs. All jokes aside tho, there are some interesting things under the surface of this NFT project.

The reckless whale team stresses that in addition to your avatar, having your own reckless whale comes with benefits such as:

  • 7% of all proceeds going towards an ocean wildlife non-profit of the community’s choice.
  • A merch drop to Reckless Whale holders.
  • Exclusive access to the Reckless Whale Casino community and metaverse.

From the current 10,000 NFTs, they are divided in terms of rarity. During minting, collectors had a chance to acquire 4 different species of whales including: Blue whales, Humpback whales, Orca whales, and Dolphins. Each with their own traits from a list of 150 possible traits.

The Great Voyage

When it comes to roadmaps, NFT projects have recently all opted to include them. On one hand it adds more utility to the ecosystem and keeps the community engaged and looking forward to certain milestones. On the other hand, projects will need to find new ways to innovate if they want to stand out from the current NFT landscape.

The Reckless Whales roadmap has the common roadmap items you would expect from an avatar project:

  • Giving a percentage of proceeds to chairty
  • Merchandise
  • Airdrops for holders
  • and Future interactive events.

A lot of NFT projects are learning on the job it seems and will need time to find their footing or flippers if they are whales.

Reckless Whale Stats

Total Items: 10,000
Owners: 1.6K
Floor Price: <0.01 ETH
Volume Traded: 127 ETH

The collection is currently sold out but can be viewed on Opensea .

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