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The fun never ends here at MSQ since we’re constantly on the lookout for amazing new projects from across the cryptosphere: DeFi, NFTs, Blockchain-based Games—you name it, we’ve got it! From Monday to Friday we bring you our top picks from everything Blockchain in the form of Discoveries of the Day. In today’s edition we take a closer look at some floating NFTs from yesteryear…yup, it’s Flowtys!

‘Step Right Up! Step Right Up!’

Ah yes, you sir! And you madam! All of you actually! Yes indeed, we have some of the finest NFTs this side of the Pacific, imported from a very far-off and top secret location. That’s right, we can’t actually tell you where we found these whacky whatchamacallits, thaumaturgical thingamajigs or cantankerous incorporeal calamities, but we can tell you…they are indeed available. Now ask yourself, dear NFT owner, ‘Whassa matter with my NFT? How am I opposed ta know that?’ Well, it’s a simple answer, isn’t it my fizzling friends!? Quite simply…they don’t float.

Why yes, thanks to the latest innovations in our patented technology, we can guarantee you, slap our knees and hope to Betsy, that your NFT floats and will remain floating for the rest of its existence (or inexistence, if you prefer?) To demonstrate the power of our product, I’d like you to stand over there madam, and uh, you over there my good man. Now hold still as we demonstrate the power of unbridled levitation!

Oh goodness…perhaps our gizmos are just a little too impressive!

So what do we call these gravity-defying marvels you ask? Why, Flowtys of course! Yes, Flowtys are the original and best aging 1920s-era NFT avatars. Sounds like a mouthful? Well we’re just getting started! Let’s call today ‘Throwback Thursday,’ shall we? Flowtys consists of 10,000 unique characters backed by NFTs on the omnipresent Ethereum Blockchain. Believe it or not, every single Flowty is animated and drawn by hand! Come on! You can’t tell me that isn’t impressive!? Rest assured, all common, rare and super rare Flowtys that have been distributed have been done so in a completely fair and random manner. You have my word on that!

Just makes me want to dance the Charleston!

Web3? Sounds Good to Me!

Flowtys is not only just an awesomely original PFP project. No, in fact, it’s a Web3 company delivering outstanding Web3 experiences to its holders. Observe the following stats:

A Stand for Public Domain

Now I know you won’t be prepared for this next revelation! Here it goes…Flowtys NFT owners have full commercial rights to the Flowtys they hold! Is that not simply spellbinding my good people?

‘This project is a love letter to the art and critique on the company spending Millions of Dollars to extend copyright terms while licensing public domain goods, exploiting our cultural heritage.’

Aging Concept

Wait, there’s more! A special part of Flowtys is the aging component. The longer someone holds a Flowtys NFT, the older it gets…literally! No, this isn’t some ghoulish gimmick or contrived contraption! Flowtys takes a retrospective look some one hundred years ago! The team behind these characters was inspired to create Flowtys to highlight the simpler times when all art and media was ‘analogue.’ Having said this, they’ve also taken advantage of the unique opportunity Blockchain tech provides to alter artwork over time…

Desirable degradation! From crystal clear to Nickelodeon nuance in a matter of months!

Flowtys Studio

Flowtys/Morphys owners can access The Flowtys Studio , a creative space where they can do some really fun things with their NFTs including the following:

Create a Twitter Banner

Create a Wallpaper for their Smartphone

Using the Flowtys Studio, holders can also create a promo GIF using their Twitter username.


Ah, the Golden Era of Cinema! Greta Garbo , Rudolph Valentino , Norma Shearer …oh, but I digress! Flowtys has what they call ‘Flowtys+,’ a free streaming service for owners of Flowtys/Morphys or Golden Tickets. All the content here is within the Public Domain license, so it’s completely free to use!

A short preview of the Flowtys+ streaming service

What About the Flowtys Themselves?

Flowtys possesses many unique features and offers plenty of utility to its holders. Now prepare your eyes and ears for a sensory overload as we finally cast our peepers on these good old floating friendlies…

That’s quite the unicorn horn for a cartoon cow, ain’t it? Clarabelle?

Partly cloudy with a chance of angelic Bad Wolf Flowty (oxymorons…gotta love ’em!)

Donald Duck turned into one of those Dalgona Candies from Squid Game !

From the Roaring 20s Onwards…

As you can well imagine, Flowtys has a funtabulous Roadmap featuring many special perks and benefits for their holders. Some highlights include the Golden Cinema Grand Opening, exclusive NFT & merch drops, a vote for holders and much, much more. Just take a gander below at the full Roadmap and be sure to join the Flowtys Discord so that you don’t miss a single update!


Oh but he magic has yet to run out folks! Morphys are free for Flowtys holders from a week after mint. A user may mint a twin of their Flowty NFT according to a given ‘season.’ Halloween was the first season, and next will be Christmas. If someone holds a Morphy already, they can shift the appearance of their Morphy to the new season if they so desire. In short, Morphys are able to change their appearance or ‘morph.’ Now that’s really something!

Some examples of Morphys from the Halloween Season

Startlingly Stylish Stats

I’m afraid to inform you, but the Flowtys collection is…sold out! However, you can still grab a terrific toon over on the Flowtys OpenSea page, so better not hesitate!

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information:

  • Total Items - 10,000
  • Owners - 3.8K

Sadly this is where we part ways for now folks! Thanks for stopping by our old pop stand and listening to our fanciful tales! As you can see, Flowtys is a super special project with a very active community and a lot on offer for holders. In order to avoid disappointment, Dr. Smith recommends you follow Flowtys on Twitter and join their Discord so that you get all the latest news and beat those old no NFT blues! Until next time ladies, gentlemen and apparitions of the afterlife, take care of yourselves and make sure you keep your shoes nice ’n shiny!

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