Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is our Collectible of the Month! October 2021

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MSQ continues to grow with each passing day—new articles are added on a regular basis, new users and projects are signing up, and we are getting closer and closer to our Open Beta! Every so often we encounter a project that is so impressive we simply have to give it the kudos and attention it so rightly deserves. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is one such project that has done an amazing job at growing its community, offering rewards to its holders and bringing transparency and credibility to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Blockchain as a whole. Join us as we celebrate their achievements and tell you exactly why they are our October 2021 Collectible of the Month!

It’s the Counts That Bought

A metric ton of books, movies and other forms of media explore the concept of vampirism using a variety of approaches, and each has served to define the way we see these bloodthirsty beasts over the past few decades. In the world of NFTs, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate , a collection of 8,888 Vampires living in the lairs of the Ethereum Blockchain, has made a massive impact, so much so that their cultural significance is already transcending the niche domain of Blockchain and attaining a measure of visibility within the world as a whole. One need only visit their official Discord (which boasts well over 36,000 members) and peruse their announcements channel to see that this is no exaggeration. See for yourself:

Sneaky Vampires on the streets of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague

Look around Times Square in New York and you’ll be sure to see SVS!

Such awesome advertising costs a pretty penny, but if you’re concerned about the project really giving back to society…fear not—these Vamps really care, and to demonstrate their commitment to making the world a better place, the team behind SVS has pledged 1,000 blankets to Blankets of Hope , a Global Non-Profit Organization that provides blankets to the homeless and needy. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate’s NFTs may be scary, but the community behind these rare stylish avatars has a heart of gold.

We recently released a Discovery of the Day about Sneaky Vampire Syndicate—you can view the full post here

Devilishly Debonair

A large part of the project’s success is undoubtedly in the design of the vampires themselves. If you know about the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), then you’re already familiar with the artist behind Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, migwashere . While there are some clear differences between BAYC and SVS, migwashere’s distinct touch is present in both projects, and both have enjoyed a substantial amount of success and praise over the past few weeks. Let’s take a look at a sample of the 1st Generation of Vampires you can purchase over on SVS’ OpenSea page:

Somewhere between Twilight, Blade and Dracula, there’s this guy…

Vampires have been spotted across the ages and in the Orient as well

Working for the Military has this cool Vamp hot under the collar

‘What’s $BLOOD If Not For Sharing?’

Another great feature for Vampire holders is the ability to stake their Vampires in exchange for $BLOOD tokens. As a utility token, $BLOOD has no monetary value attached to it. $BLOOD will essentially serve as the fuel for everything SVS related, and over time, the utility of this token will be enhanced. In order for Vampire holders to stake their Vampires, they must follow these steps:

  • Holders must first visit
  • They will then need to connect their web3 wallet - everything SVS related will now be hosted on the Dashboard under a single login
  • Holders may stake their Vampires to receive daily $BLOOD. The longer a holder stakes, the more blood they will earn
  • Vampires receive 3 $BLOOD for every day they are staked. When Bats are released, they will earn 1 $BLOOD for every day they are staked
  • As an added bonus, there are no lock-ins, minimum time requirements or ties. Holders can stake and unstake their Vampires at any time

At time of writing, gas is high. As such, holders are urged to kindly wait for it to drop before staking their Vampires

The Road Beyond Transylvania

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate continues its way forward with Roadmap 2 which can be viewed directly on their website . Gen 2 of SVS, as well as Gen 2 companions, are high on the list of priorities. For your convenience, we’ve provided the SVS Roadmap 2 so you can check it out right here.

Salutations Unto The Syndicate

MSQ is working towards the establishment of a more unified, collaborative and wider crypto community. Within the realms of decentralization, it’s the people behind great projects and protocols that make all the difference. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is surging forward with their goals and already giving back to their community and the world. Their distinct style, relentless pursuit of excellence, highly motivated team and rapidly growing community are all testament to their achievements and the fundamental strength of the project. It’s for these many great reasons that Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is our Collectible of the Month! To all you fashionable undead bloodsuckers within the SVS community, we salute you and have no doubt that the Vamps will spread across the length and breadth of the mortal world very soon…

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