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Welcome to the MSQ Discovery of the Day! From Monday to Friday we showcase some of our top finds from across the rapidly-evolving world of Blockchain. NFTs, Blockchain Games, DeFi protocols and more await your inspection every time a new Discovery of the Day Drops! Now hear this! Now hear this! Incoming transmission…determining source…signal integrity now at optimal levels. Standby for communique from: Soldiers of the Metaverse!

I Want YOU…

On your feet soldier! Inspection time! Well well, what do we have here? NFT fanatic eh? Hahaha, well then! Welcome to the Corps! While I appreciate your enthusiasm, truth be told, it’s a war out there! As we speak, evil forces are conspiring to take over the Metaverse…our Metaverse! Now we’ve got plenty of ammo and enough spirit to make an old Sea Captain tear up, but we need the numbers if we’re ever gonna win this.

So I ask you now—are you ready to serve? Are you ready to fight back against this tyranny and save the Metaverse from centralized subjugation? What would you give to see this happen? Would you sacrifice your way of life? Your freedom?

Well don’t worry…we don’t expect you to make any sacrifices like that. But one thing is for sure:

Gallantly Defending the Metaverse

It’s no secret that the Metaverse is the future of social engagement, commerce and gaming. Just imagine Ready Player One right here, right now—that’s about the best way I can describe the current iteration of the Metaverse. Now as time marches on and the Metaverse becomes evermore interwoven into our daily routines, there’s little doubt that we’ll be needing some kind of fighting force to keep those visiting and using the Metaverse in check! And this, my friends, is exactly where Soldiers of the Metaverse comes in: to defend the Metaverse against all those who wish to corrupt or destroy it!

Soldiers of the Metaverse is an exclusive collection of 7,500 futuristic battle ready soldiers standing their ground on the Ethereum Blockchain. It goes without saying that these soldiers are prepared to defend the Metaverse at any cost. Each capable soldier is randomly generated from over 150 different traits. As an added bonus, every holder gains a share of the copyright/licensing of the soldier (or soldiers) they hold.

Despite their outward toughness and fortitude, The Soldiers of the Metaverse really care about doing good and giving back to the world. This is why they have committed themselves towards contributing to charities across the globe. So Soldiers of the Metaverse not only exist to defend the future, but they also protect the present. The SotM team will post each charitable donation in real-time and intends to pledge 10% of the mint & royalties to helping charities such as the ones listed below:

The aesthetic talent behind this incredible project is Carlos Dattoli , a professional illustrator & concept artist who works exclusively in the Pop Culture industry. Carlos has worked with several prestigious companies including Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Power Rangers, XM Studios, Hasbro, Acme Archives and so on. It’s safe to say this guy is a total genius when it comes to creating highly polished and striking digital designs.

Now let’s line up the troops and see what soldiers of the future look like…

Lieutenant Dan Droid realized he had overdressed for the party…

Is that Homer Simpson in that suit!?

I’m sensing some Power Rangers inspiration here

Reconnoitering the Roadmap

There are no breaks in the world of war. With this in mind, the team are pushing forward with an ambitious campaign that takes no prisoners! As it stands, the General has the soldiers fighting on two different fronts, namely the Promotional and Utility Battles. In this sense, one could argue that Soldiers of the Metaverse has two concurrent and interconnected Roadmaps with several items contained within each. I’m sure you can guess that, with two Roadmaps, the ongoing work is extensive. Check out our reworked version of their Roadmap below:

If you wish to view the Roadmap in its original form, simply navigate to the Soldiers of the Metaverse official website and check it out there.

Recruitment Stats

The Soldiers of the Metaverse collection is sold out, but you can still grab yourself one or more of these hyper-effective warriors over on the SotM OpenSea page. And now let’s take a brief look at some stats…

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Total Items - 7.5K
  • Owners - 2.5K

Soldiers of the Metaverse is certainly pushing hard to remain active and grow their community, so it’s a project you’re going to want to keep yor eye on. Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and join their Discord so that you can receive all the latest intel and mission briefings from Soldiers of the Metaverse.

Well cadet, it looks like you’re past your basic training. Who knows? Keep this up, and you may just survive this world. However, do not become complacent…this is just the first step on a much more profound journey. So I ask you soldier, with all the conviction I have in my heart…

Are your ready to fight for a better world?

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