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Hey there! Welcome to another Discovery of the Day! MSQ covers pretty much everything related to Blockchain and crypto. From Monday to Friday you can catch some of our top picks in DeFi, NFTs, Blockchain Games and the Metaverse. We do our best to pick only legitimate projects with a proven track record and great fundamentals for you to check out. Now, we implore you to put on your spacesuits and enter the airlock as we bring you…Starl!

Exploring Space in the Metaverse

To date, scientists have only explored about 4% of the visible universe. The record for the farthest distance traveled in space by humans is 400,171 kilometers (approximately 248,655 miles) from Earth. This was achieved by the all-American crew of the famous Apollo 13. Naturally this is impressive and all, but the question us NFT addicts should be asking is, ‘How much of the Metaverse have we explored?’

Unfortunately we don’t have exact statistics on that…not yet at least. But who knows where we’ll be in five years’ time? Now space-themed NFTs aren’t all that unique. In fact, there are plenty of them, and given just how unbelievably cool space is, it’s little wonder why. Of course, ‘space’ is a pretty broad term that covers a whole range of different phenomena, and for this reason, it’s perfect fuel for the human imagination. Can I get enough of space-themed NFTs? The answer is simple: No, I absolutely cannot!

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order - Carl Jung

Starl is something particularly unique. It is the first 100% community-owned decentralized virtual space project. There’s even a governance token for the Starl Ecosystem, and yes, it’s called $STARL. In Starl, you can buy, sell and trade virtual satellites, spacecraft and land all while exploring the vast expanse of the galaxy. The possibilities are endless! In addition, the Starl Metaverse is being designed as a fully-fledged interactive 3D universe based in space that gives players the freedom to explore different virtual worlds and communities.

There will be a range of different activities and missions Starl Metaverse users will be able to embark upon. As the Starl team themselves put it:

‘The possibilities are only limited by imagination.’

In the Starl Metaverse you will be able to:

  • Buy and sell virtual real estate
  • Purchase satellites and/or rent them out to others
  • Create, sell and buy NFTs
  • Customize your own avatar
  • Socialize and interact with real people
  • Explore, gamble, learn, play games
  • The list goes on and on!

The brilliant minds behind the Starl Metaverse are two well-respected people within the cryptosphere. They are none other than the illustrious Woof Decentra and Moe Larson. Of course, a project as ambitious as Starl requires a passionate team that is comprised of talented 3D artists and expert programmers. In short, Starl has an enormously capable team working tirelessly to ensure all of the project’s lofty goals are accomplished in a professional and timely manner.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of Starl, let’s take a brief glance at what you can expect to see within this vast and expanding Metaverse…

Living Module #87 - Celaeno

LEO Satellite #29 - GIGANTE

Living Module #104 - Hydra

The three above examples are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The Marketplace is home to hundreds of Living Modules, Satellites and more. You can visit it right now by clicking here

Please Note: The Starl Marketplace is still in its Beta phase. Please bear this in mind before initiating any kind of transaction or making use of the services provided by the Marketplace.

Building an Actual Space Station

Yes, the title isn’t hyperbole. Starl is building an actual Space Station. How? Well, as Starl correctly points out, digital real estate has become a legitimate asset class. For this reason, it’s rapidly becoming a major consideration for investors and is something that is almost certainly going to appreciate in a massive way over the coming months and years.

As a direct result of this shift, Starl tokens will serve as the investment tool for interested parties to purchase virtual land in Starl Station. This will, in turn, mimic a physical space station positioned in an actual corner of the galaxy. If that isn’t the single coolest thing you’ve ever heard, then I don’t know! I’ve heard of NFT and Blockchain projects doing some impressive things, but building an actual space station may just take the cake! With this in mind, here’s a breakdown of the main components of the Starl Ecosystem:

It’s pretty clear that Starl is no ordinary project. In fact, it’s suitably complex in terms of its overall structure. This said, with the right motivation and direction, and with the requisite support, there’s very little impeding Starl from attaining its objectives.

A Map of Infinity

The Starl Metaverse Roadmap is nearly as vast as the cosmos itself! I simply cannot include all of the details in this article, so I’ll break down the core elements for you as best I can:

The Roadmap is split up into 4 Missions that focus on developing a wide array of elements that make up the Starl Metaverse as a whole. These elements include the Marketplace, DAO, NFTs, Desktop & Mobile applications, Minigames, and so on. As it stands, Mission 1 has is complete and Mission 2 is currently in progress (and seemingly near completion).

Beyond the 4 Missions, the Roadmap includes an Unreal Engine Metaverse Development Tasklist/Roadmap split up into 8 distinct phases—this is purely focused on developing and designing the 3D Metaverse. Some of the tasks involved in each phase include creating the Nexus Station, implementing Multiplayer (Co-op and PvP missions with increased rewards), player-owned stations and much, much more.

Like I said, there’s a lot going towards the development of Starl. You can take a closer look at their official Metaverse Roadmap by clicking here

Oliver remembered his suit but forgot his factor 5,000 sunscreen…

Stellar Stats

You can get involved in the Starl project by visiting their Marketplace (still in Beta at time of writing) and viewing the NFT modules available there. Once the Starl Metaverse is operational, and when you decide to join it, these NFTs will definitely be your ticket to securing your place among the stars.

Check out these FAQs on Starl

In summary, Starl is a really impressive project that you should keep on your radar. Follow them on Twitter and Medium so that you can catch all the latest updates from the team as they become available. If you’re more on the technical side and want to read about the project in greater detail, you can check out Starl’s whitepaper here

And so we’ve reached the end my friends. In all honesty, Starl isn’t just a game or an NFT collection—it’s an entire ecosystem being developed by some incredible minds from across the Blockchain industry. We’ve covered Starl in a fair amount of detail, but there’s a whole lot to explore here, so get to it! Until we meet again, look after yourselves and remember that the only limits that exist are those you impose upon yourself…

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