Splinterlands is Our Game of the Month! July 2021

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We have spent countless hours doing our utmost to make MSQ into an accessible platform for all kinds of Blockchain-based projects including games, dapps, services and innovative products. It stands to reason that some of these projects are already gaining traction with audiences all over the world. Splinterlands is one such project that has managed to capture the imaginations and attention of an ever-growing audience of participants with their colorful characters, accessible platform and novel approach to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Let’s put the spotlight on Splinterlands and see exactly why it’s our Game of the Month!

The Next Generation of Collectible Card Games

Splinterlands takes trading card games to a whole other level. What started out as a professional bet by two technologists from Pennsylvania in 2018 has evolved into a platform that has thousands of players competing every single month. What really sets Splinterlands apart from other online trading card games is that it doesn’t sacrifice the value of real-world cards just because it’s convenient. By harnessing the power of the Hive ecosystem, Splinterlands ensures that every single action is recorded on the Hive Blockchain and every in-game asset is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

We made a short video that explains what Splinterlands is to new users

What is Splinterlands?

The great thing about Splinterlands is that everything within the game has some kind of value, meaning that it can be held and used in real-time during matches, rented out to be used by other players or sold on a platform like OpenSea or PeakMonsters. In addition, different games require different approaches and strategies if players hope to win, so rewards are based on skill and tactical ability rather than random chance or automated mechanics. Splinterlands allows players to formulate their own strategy for success and accommodates the preferences of people of all persuasions.

As of July 2021, well over a quarter million dollars ($250,000) has been paid out in the form of tournament prizes and more than $5 million of value has been distributed as play-to-earn rewards. The most valuable card on the Splinterlands platform, Archmage Arius (a Dragon Summoner) is currently worth about $1 million, and with its impressive stats and abilities, there’s little wonder why. Splinterlands also recently sold out of land claims for its upcoming land expansion. In the sale, a total of 150,000 plots were sold to players all over the world for more than $2 million. Land is one of the more recent NFTs Splinterlands has introduced, and with it, players will soon be able to harvest resources, build structures, craft items, create spells, and more. Splinterlands has developed from a simple concept into a leader in the NFT and Blockchain gaming markets.

Online Gaming for Everyone

Maybe the best part of Splinterlands, other than its fantastic artwork and great in-game mechanics, is that cards range in price from a few cents to a few thousand dollars. This means that everyone can take part in card collecting and build their decks regardless of their personal equity. With more participation and adoption, players will most likely find that the value of their cards will increase over time, meaning that their initial purchases could be worth substantially more in a few months or years.

The team behind Splinterlands are truly pioneers in the NFT and Blockchain gaming space. Their early adoption of this now booming trend and ardent dedication to building a robust experience brimming with awesome content and opportunities is exactly why Splinterlands is our Game of the Month. We are honored to have them as part of the MSQ platform and congratulate them for their continued and growing success within the crypto and gaming worlds.

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