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We’ve arrived! The final entry in our Discovery of the Day Halloween week is here! MSQ is the home of all things decentralized and Blockchain related. From Monday to Friday we bring you all our top picks for NFTs, DeFi protocols and Blockchain games. For the last NFT feature before Halloween rolls around, we present 0xVampire!

Shadows Out of Time 💀

Well my dear friend, I have some excellent news! We are no longer in a dark and foreboding forest! However, we are now several years in the future…yes, I know it’s confusing. As it turns out, we’ve stepped through some sort of time portal and are now in the year 2025. I must also inform you that a strange infection is having an adverse effect on the inhabitants of this realm. No, it’s not that infection. Still, you need to be very careful if we’re to find our way back to our own timeline. Quickly now, let’s move!

This place looks terribly unnatural to me…

Now as I mentioned, this is the year 2025, and the Metaverse is no longer a theoretical construct. In this world, people are quite at home with living in a virtual space using their NFT identities. In many ways, the world is peaceful here, and there is a sense of order and balance. Unfortunately there’s the matter of that infection I told you about…well, it’s actually a super virus known only as 0x. Those who are infected generally display no symptoms, but when the moon rises, bizarre things start to transpire. Any infected parties will undergo several physiological changes during this time including the growth of sharp fangs and bat ears. Moreover, these individuals become particularly attuned to the presence of blood. These beings are known only as 0xVampires .

Thankfully the only real changes observed within contaminated subjects is their appearance. Other than the aspects mentioned above, everything else seems to be entirely under control. Having said this, it is unclear what may happen if the 0xVampires can no longer resist their thirst for blood or if the virus continues to mutate over time. This is just the beginning, and much is yet to be revealed…

No Reflection in the Mirror

Sensitivity to sunlight, the need to drink fresh blood and the inability to see their own reflection in a mirror (or anywhere really) are just some of the most well-known tropes of vampires. 0xVampires consists of 9,999 randomly generated NFT characters all walking the dark backstreets of the Ethereum Blockchain. Each 0xVampire is derived from over 200 hand-drawn traits, meaning that every single character is 1/1 unique and capable of being customized.

The team behind this darkly imaginative project are Project Leader 0xDylan, Artist 0xVic and Developer 0xSillyfish. Now let’s take a look at some samples of this fantastic collection below…

Maria was less than impressed with her ETH Logo choker

Is there anything more vampiric than wireless headphones and a scowl?

Alicia decided to knock off early from her accounting job at the Blood Bank…

Toadbat, I Mean, Roadmap

0xVampires realizes that it must appease the vampires of this world and thus have much in store for the denizens of the dark. The following graphic is adapted from their original Roadmap which you can find directly on their website or in their official Discord .


0xHunter is a sequel and counterpart to the 0xVampire project. Only 8,888 Hunters, randomly generated from over 200 hand-drawn traits, will be available for minting. In fact, the Public Sale is due to begin on October 29th 2021, just two days before Halloween!

There are seven different kinds of Hunters, namely Rioters, Hybrids, Witchers, Demonhunters, Valkyries, Cyborgs and Ninjas. Check out some samples below:

A Rioter

A Witcher

Make sure you’re ready for these to drop, because if the 0xVampire sale is anything to go buy, these will probably disappear in no time at all! If you’re fortunate enough, you’ll be able to nab a 0xHunter before it’s too late—just make sure you’re prowling the website and ready to go if you want to stand a fighting chance!

Stats on the Children of the Night

0xVampires sold out in two minutes flat, but thankfully you can buy one (or even several) of these futuristic fiends via the project’s OpenSea page.

Please Note: Stats are accurate at the time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Total Items - 9.9K
  • Owners - 4.3K

Well it seems we’ve found a portal back to our time…best we depart now lest we find ourselves stuck here forevermore. Jump in now! While we’re on our way back, I suggest that you follow 0xVampire on Twitter and join their Discord so that you don’t miss any news about what’s going on in the 0xVerse. If you aren’t careful you may find yourself drained of life, or if one of those Hunters mistakes you for a Vampire, well…need I say more?

And we’re back home in our Manor! Quite miraculous that we survived all that! Unfortunately it looks like you won’t be leaving anytime soon, dear traveler. In fact, you are now part of our Gallery…forever! Don’t scream, no one can hear you! In fact, to me…you aren’t moving at all! Muhahaha! Well, I must be going…many more projects to explore and many more travelers to add to my collection! Fare thee well old friend…and Happy Halloween!

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