SuperNfty's Floating Heads are our Collectible of the Month! July 2021

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At MSQ we are all about putting a spotlight on projects that innovate and break the mold within the blockchain industry. One such area that has seen an explosion in attention is that of NFTs. NFTs have inspired a range of collectibles but what are people actually buying when they get one? In some cases not very much. That is why we want to shine a spotlight on one NFT project that is giving real value to its collectors-Floating Heads! Let’s dive into it and find out why they are MSQ’s Collectible of the Month!

Let’s Get Non-Fungible Talkin’

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs as they’re commonly referred to, have experienced a wave of popularity and attention. What exactly does that mean? Well, virtually anything can be an NFT: sketches, memes, drawings, music - pretty much anything you can think of has the potential to be an NFT. Of course, the value of that NFT is another question entirely. In the world of modern art, highly minimalistic paintings can sell for thousands or even millions of dollars. At the end of the day, value is often a perceptual thing: if someone is willing to pay a given price for something, then that item must, as a result, hold some sort of value. Right?

Now there’s value, and then there’s value. When it comes to the world of art or at least digital art, NFTs get really interesting. So what gives a piece of art value? While this may be a contentious issue, it’s safe to say a few criteria give some forms of art like Michelangelo’s David or Picasso’s Guernica significant and enduring value. For one, classic pieces were created by masters of their craft who were practically unmatched in their skill and vision. In addition, these works are one-of-a-kind: completely original and irreplaceable in terms of their composition, context and cultural significance.

Naturally, some kinds of work belong to a nation or even the world as a whole, but some extraordinary pieces of art are held by collectors who pay a handsome fee for the privilege and exclusivity of ownership. While anyone can buy a print of a painting or even download a JPEG of it, only one person can ever own the original.

They All Float Down Here

Not all digital art is equal: a JPEG is not the same as a video file, nor is a 3D sculpture the same as a fully animated sequence. Some kinds of work require more than just skill and know-how - what really sets industry leaders apart from their contemporaries is novelty, rarity and applicability. A perfect example of where all three of these additional qualities can be seen in abundance is in Super Nfty’s Floating Heads.

Find our more about SuperNfty by visiting his site here:

The Floating Heads created by Super Nfty are all one-of-a-kind: a total of 264 will ever be produced, never to be repeated. Each Floating Head is hand-modeled in VR and has its own unique characteristics and personality. Floating Heads are not randomly generated or produced using some kind of complex algorithm but made with care and precision by very human hands. The result is a piece of 3D digital art that is completely original and part of a limited collection of similar expertly crafted characters.

There’s more to Floating Heads though. When you purchase one, you receive the following:

  • a commercial license for your Floating Head
  • a 3D printable file (.stl)
  • the original metaverse models (.usdz, .glb)
  • the original video file (.mp4)

That’s right, when you purchase a Floating Head, you can take the model and have it 3D printed. Since you own the commercial license, you have the opportunity to reproduce and distribute real-world duplicates of your Floating Head to turn a profit. If that doesn’t grab you, there’s always just 3D printing a Floating Head for the sake of posterity!

Check out SuperNfty’s Floating Heads Collection on

Floating Heads are also fully functional. This is because you get the USDZ and GLB files so that your Head can be displayed in the metaverse or in Augmented Reality (AR). If you take things one step further and have your model rigged, it can be employed as a working, animated avatar that can be used for V-tubing, Facerig or VRchat.

How Does Floating Heads Work?

As mentioned earlier, there will only ever be 264 Floating Heads. Every Friday, 7 new Heads are minted. Over the course of the following week, any unclaimed and unsold Floating Heads will gradually drop to a price of around 0.1 ETH.

Prices for Floating Heads 101 to 150 start at 0.25 ETH while Heads 151 to 200 start at 0.3 ETH. Heads 200 to 260 will begin at 0.5 ETH before slowly dropping down to 0.1 ETH. Heads 261 to 264 will not be sold to the public (at least, not at present). Super Nfty Floating Heads can be purchased via OpeanSea - at the time of writing, around 161 items have been made available for purchase and 93 individuals own Floating Heads.

New features and unlockables are in the cards for Floating Heads in the future, and if users have any original ideas for rewards or functions, the project’s creator (SuperNfty) encourages them to voice their opinions and have their suggestions heard - the community is very much appreciated and serves an important role in the Floating Heads experience.

Super Nfty Floating Heads is our Collectible of the Month!

We might not be connoisseurs, but we here at MSQ know a good thing when we see it. Super Nfty Floating Heads are original, creative and have a lot of value to offer users across the crypto sphere and the world as a whole. The fun designs, pop culture references and quirky animations make Floating Heads one of the most nuanced and interesting projects in the Blockchain business.

We are losing our heads (see what we did there?) over Super Nfty Floating Heads. With some fun mechanics, great designs and provably rare characteristics, Super Nfty Floating Heads is easily one of the coolest projects around - we are really excited to see what the future has in store and have little doubt that we will not be disappointed. Just take a look at their roadmap for all the exciting things in development:

Congratulations once again to SuperNfty and his hard work in creating such a unique collectible!

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