Sweeping the NFT Dancefloor with Party DJ Space Club!

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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their killer artwork, enthusiastic communities or the awesome features planned for their projects, there’s definitely something here you’ll be sure to love! Today we bring you Party DJ Space Club!

Partying Across the Galaxy!

Ah who doesn’t love a wild dance party? Picture it—the thumping bass, the energy of the crowd, flashing strobe lights and grooving the whole night away to your favorite songs…sounds like a good time to me! We here at MSQ are all about those unforgettable nights of partying and cutting loose. For this reason, today’s Discovery of the Day is sure to get the likes of Daft Punk turning their shiny helmeted heads and nodding in perfect rhythmic approval.

See? What did I tell you?

Party DJ Space Club (or PDSC) is a collection of 2,000 limited edition Party Space DJs all bopping and shimmying across the dance floors of the Ethereum Blockchain. By purchasing one of these rare and totally happening NFTs, owners will instantly gain access to an exclusive club that offers some insanely cool benefits as well as a healthy dose of fun and income opportunities.

Minting a Party DJ means that owners will be part of the most elite VIP Virtual Nightclub to ever grace the digital world! And that’s not all—holders will also enjoy some special (and totally secret) rare drops as well as early access to any and all future collections. We strongly advise you to keep a lookout for the PDSC Spaceship as it gathers more awesome party animals from Earth and travels back and forth, transporting them to some of the greatest Nightclubs in the known Universe!

Each one of the 2,000 Party DJs is entirely unique and derived from various traits including facial expressions, helmets, visors, spacesuits, badges and, of course, beautifully generated color backgrounds. While some might be rarer than others, the project has a revolutionary protocol to generate a crop of new (and even rarer) Party DJs using their Space Pod.

So what exactly do these Supercharged Sonic Samurais look like? Well, here’s just a small sample of the freshly futuristic aficionados for your eyes to savor!

This bangin’ Party DJ actually belongs to our very own Justin Renken ! It’s his first art NFT!

Space Knight decided to go a little harder on the bling for today’s performance…

Saitama wants everyone to know his favorite genre without having to say it

Arranging the Beats of the Future

Party DJ Space Club already has an extensive Roadmap divided into five distinct phases. It covers everything from the actual NFT launch (which sold out in 10 minutes, by the way), merchandise, upgrading to Super Party DJs via the Space Pod, an official PDSC weekend EDM Event in Las Vegas, and the launch of the Moon Club virtual game! Check out all you get from becoming an owner 👇

Again, the full Roadmap is available in its original form on the Party DJ Space Club official website


Sadly all the Party DJs sold out real quickly, but fear not—you can head over to PDSC’s OpenSea and get yours right now! Some fundamental stats for your perusal.

Please Note: Stats are accurate at time of writing, but be sure to check the original source for the most current information.

  • Total Items - 2,000
  • Total Owners - 463

Remember that, unlike other generative projects that feature 10,000 items, Party DJ Space Club only features 2,000. It’s little wonder that they sold out so quickly! Be sure to follow PDSC on their official website , Twitter , Instagram and OpenSea , and be sure to join their Discord for all the latest updates and hottest new events! Until next time, enjoy the tunes and party on NFT fans!

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