The US Open Is Coming to the Metaverse, and Grey Goose Is Bringing the Booze...and Prizes!

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Grey Goose Vodka announced that they will be partnering with metaverse platform Decentraland to bring the 2022 US Open to the Metaverse! Along with their exclusive METAVIP Lounge, they will also be offering a series of events that will award prizes, including limited edition metaverse wearables. You won’t want to miss out on what looks like one hell of a virtual party!

What Is the US Open?

Some of the biggest stars in tennis have competed at the US OpenSome of the biggest stars in tennis have competed at the US Open

The US Open is a hard court tennis tournament that serves as the fourth and final leg of the Grand Slam Tournament, one of tennis’ most prestigious annual events. Taking place in iconic Queens New York, the US Open joins The Australian Open , The French Open , and Wimbledon at the top tier of the tennis world. Originally named the US National Open, the event started all the way back in 1881. That’s a pretty impressive lineage and goes to show just how important the tournament is to tennis players worldwide.

Grey Goose, makers of the well known premium vodka brand of the same name, have sponsored the US Open for the last 16 years. As per their recent announcement, Grey Goose will be partnering with metaverse platform Decentraland to bring the US Open to the Metaverse with a limited time event. This virtual event will coincide with the real world tournament and looks like it will bring an entirely new experience to the long-running metaverse platform.

The MetaVIP Lounge and US Open Experience

The Grey Goose US Open event will take place during the 2022 US Open from August 29th to September 11th. Being held in what they’re calling the METAVIP Lounge, the event will consist of three key components. Let’s take a look at what they have in store!

What do we have here?What do we have here?

The Honeydew Hunt

Among the various items in their stylish new metaverse space, Grey Goose has hidden their favorite cocktail garnish; Honeydew balls! Can you find three among all the extra tennis balls and cluttered environment? If so, you’re in luck, because there are unique prizes for the lucky hunters who manage to retrieve these hidden items!


No Grey Goose event would be complete without a bar! Once you find your cocktail garnishes, head over to the bar and give them to the bartender. In exchange, he’ll mix you up an exclusive Honey Deuce, which you’ll even get to keep as an in-game wearable for Decentraland. You may even stand a chance to win prizes like a real world limited edition Honey Deuce cup or tickets to the 2023 US Open! Pretty cool!

The Signature Drink of the 2022 US Open: Honey Deuce

The Wearables Vending Machine

The last component may just be the most rewarding. The Wearables Vending Machine lets you take a stab at answering some puzzling trivia questions in exchange for even more limited edition wearables. From a tennis ball costume to some tie-dye slides, the vending machine is bound to be a hit. They even claim you should check back regularly as all items are first-come, first-serve, but they’ll be refilling it often.

Should You Check It Out?

I think this one is a no-brainer. Decentraland can be played directly in a browser, and Grey Goose themselves even provide some video tutorials on how to get started. The barrier to entry is super low, and you can get some unique and limited wearables for your future escapades in the Metaverse. That seems like an easy win to me.

We love to see brands like Grey Goose jumping into the Metaverse. Grey Goose may be a premium liquor brand, but they’re also part of our popular culture and symbolize even more adoption by the “cool kids.” The more products and brands that join the Metaverse and create these fun and entertaining types of events that are free to join and experience, the more players win, and we love it when players win!

So what do you think? Is Grey Goose bringing the US Open to the Metaverse a good thing? Are you planning on checking it out? Let us know your thoughts!

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