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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether its their art, their exciting communities, or the unique things planned in their projects, there is definitely something here to grab your interest. Today we are taking a look at the Vogu NFT Collection.

What is the Vogu NFT Collection?

The Vogu NFT collection is comprised of 7,777 unique robot avatars called TARS (Tether Assisted Robotic Skeletons). In this futuristic world humans live in an alternate version of the Milky Way galaxy after a mass migration to the stars due to centuries of “climate destruction, nuclear war, and unchecked industrial sprawl.”

Much like how many NFTs act as a person’s entry or access into a special club or group, TARS allow humans to experience the world through their personal robots. The Vogu Collective is being positioned as this multimedia universe that weaves together characters, stories, and lore. When asking the team about what this means for supporters of the collection they responded that:

We [the Vogu NFT Project] will tell stories as we do our PFP project. Those stories will continue and cross over into any other medium. So if we do a graphic novel or an animation, the community will see themes from the PFP project continue. - Tackzy, Vogu NFT Collection Discord Admin

NFTs and World Building

From the moment you glance at the Vogu NFT Collection and step into their discord, one thing is apparent–the team is putting a lot of work into the lore behind the project. One channel in their discord is named “The TAR News Network” and has a sole “robotics journalist” named Bugle who sets the scene for newcomers and ties the release of the Vogu NFT to world events in the project’s lore.

According to the lore, the 7,777 unique TARS were minted during a ransomware attack on The Vogu Collective’s manufacturing headquarters. As a result, the company decided to go forward with a product-blind sale.

As more NFT projects drop each day, it is nice to see people engrossed within the lore and storytelling of a project. This dedication to the lore and to building a world around their avatar project adds an extra layer of comroderie and appreciation for the art.

Expressing Yourself

Many Avatar projects resonate with people because of how they let you express your own identity. Vogu makes it easy for everyone since they’ve already done the hard part for you, they’ve made 5 different collections to match a wide range of potential personalities. For example, check out their Core Series

or Maybe the Kouwei collection is more your style…

If I missed the mark and haven’t hit your personality yet, you can check out the rest of the different collections on their website .

Important Info and Dates

  • Launch Date: July 26 at 5PM PDT.
  • Mint Price: 0.077 ETH

You can expect for the lore within the Vogu NFT universe to continue expanding. Other things you can expect are special collaborations with artists such as Robbie Trevino who minted a special 1/1 piece for the collection.

There have also been some other notable collaborations with artists making limited special edition backgrounds including art from Karen Jerzky, Felix from Rosko & Friends, Ethan S. Brewerton, and Tropical Virtual.

We will keep our eyes on this project and update you as the lore and community around them grows.

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