Wearable NFTs? It's The Metaverse Travel Agency!

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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their art, vibrant communities, or the unique features planned for their projects, there is definitely something here that’ll be to your liking! Today we bring you Metaverse Travel Agency!

Traversing the Boundless Metaverse

It’s Monday! You know what that means, right? A brand new week full of Discoveries of the Day here at MSQ, and man do we have some awesome projects to show you this week. As the Metaverse evolves, it’s only a matter of time before we end up like everybody in the movie Ready Player One . I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the Metaverse, I want to be the pinnacle of swag. Well…Metaverse Travel Agency may be the key to unlocking maximum drip 🔑

Metaverse Travel Agency (or MTA) brings something fresh to the NFT space. So what if you could actually wear your NFT in the Metaverse? MTA is pioneering the next generation of wearable NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Their first collection consists of 10,101 randomly assembled Metahelmets, each of which is entirely unique. However, some are rarer than others. They are shaped from over 100 possible traits with each helmet including The Quantum Machine. As an added bonus, each Metahelmet is equipped with a screen that allows users to display other NFTs they own directly on the helmet.

Walking around with a $100k Ape on your helmet? Living life on the edge…I like it!

Alongside The Quantum Machine owning a helmet includes special membership benefits, such as NFT gated access to the Metaverse headquarters and quests, 3D files (glb), ownership and commercial usage rights for the NFT and much more coming in the roadmap. Metaverse Travel Agency is also partnered with Decentraland and The Sandbox meaning the helmets will be specially optimized to be worn in each Metaverse.

What’s in Store for Metanauts?

Once you purchase a Metahelmet, there are five roles you can assume as a Metanaut:

  1. Architect - These highly sought after Metanauts are capable of building impossible structures with their tools.
  2. Hacker - Extremely difficult to find, these Metanauts deploy software and solve critical technical problems as part of their primary function.
  3. Guardian - These are the protectors of all members of the Metaverse. They uphold the rules and ensure MTA members are treated with respect and courtesy.
  4. Explorer - These Metanauts have visited every corner of the known Metaverse and constantly seek to expand its boundaries. They are responsible for uncovering new quests and solving intricate puzzles.
  5. Academicians - The first point of contact for initiates in the virtual world, Academicians help and guide users on everything there is to know about the Metaverse including its assets and people.

The Metaverse Travel Agency has a bright future with an action-packed Roadmap which includes items like a Community Wallet, Community Adventures, Development of the MTA Headquarters, Exclusive Merchandise, Exclusive Events, Giveaways and so much more.

Check out the full Roadmap below 👇

Sounds Rad! Where Can I Get One?

You can get your hands on these remarkable Metahelmets on October 7th. Join MTA’s Discord for more information on the release. You can also view the backstory of the MTA here .

  • Total Items - 10,101
  • Mint Price - 0.10101 ETH

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