Weekend Wrap-Up: Cool Cats, Elephants, and more!

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The nftyverse never takes a break and this weekend was no exception! With major project updates, new drops, and all kinds of floor movement, this weekend was an exciting one. Let’s just right in to the biggest developments of the weekend.

Cool Cats Roadmap Update

The Cool Cats team released a major update for their July-August roadmap. If you are already all-in on Cool Cats then the amount of amazing content won’t come as a surprise to you, but if you are still on the fence, I think this is more than enough to cement Cool Cats as a leading project in the PFP space.

This update included everything from airdrops, a Ghxst collaboration, new services like an auto banner creator, to metaverse rumblings, and more. Read the full blog post to find out all the exciting details!

Untamed Elephant Companions are Coming

Untamed Elephants has somehow continued to slide under the radar a bit. While it picked up a lot of steam over the weekend and opened up some eyes, the upcoming companion drop may just be the catalyst that sends it shooting up the rankings.

The Untamed Elephants team released a sneak peek of the new companions on twitter and they are looking great! Unlike other projects, the Untamed Elephant companions will have a unique utility where you will be able to choose to keep them as their own NFT or merge them with the original elephant to create one NFT containing both the Untamed Elephant AND the companion.

With really fun art, cute companions, and a real world goal to help the Elephants, Untamed Elephants are sure to be around for a long time.

SupDucks Storms onto the Scene

There were severl new drops over the weekend but none quite as exciting or well received as SupDucks . These cartoon ducks quickly built a lot of buzz when @Banks he had traded a CryptoPunk 1:1 for a rare SupDuck . The news spread fast and the market was in a frenzy to follow suit snatching up SupDucks left and right putting the floor at a respectable 0.29 ETH only a day after launch.

While the art is the real standout here, the team behind SupDucks, led by artist @FrankyNines are well respected and have a lot of people ready to ape in. If you missed out on this one over the weekend, it’s still early and now is as good of a time as any to give it a look. This one appears to be a big hit and we expect it to continue to gain momentum.

MSQ Giveaways Every Tuesday & Friday

This week we hosted our first giveaway in the MSQ discord. We gave away a fancy looking member of The Doge Pound and it was a blast. Thank you to everyone who showed up to join us on discord. This one is just the first of many to come so let us know what your favorite projects are and maybe we will feature them in a future giveaway!

We will be hosting giveaways on the MSQ Discord Server every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM EST. Make sure you join our growing NFT community so you can stay on top of news, new drops, and everything non-fungible.

Around the NFTYVerse

  • Bored Apes continue their meteoric Rise with the floor hovering around a staggering 7 ETH
  • Gutter Cat Gang floor continues to rise (1.4 ETH) cementing their place behind the Apes
  • Ghxsts continue to lead the way for non-generative art
  • The Doge Pound sold out after some website trouble and has been picking up steam
  • CryptoPunks seem to have lost some favor after the drama with CryptoPhunks
  • The Lonely Alien Space Club launched to positive buzz and is still minting at 0.06 ETH
  • The Tigers Guild also debuted to mixed interest and is still minting new Tigers at 0.08 ETH
  • RecklessWhales launched to a positive reception and still has a very nice entry point at 0.012 ETH
  • Ape Gang came hot out of the gates with quite the buzz and currently has a floor of around 0.1 ETH

Other Collections Popping Off

Let’s take a look at some big movers over the weekend

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