Weekend Wrap-up: Ghxst Cats Reign Supreme

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The NFTYVerse never sleeps, but you have to! Let’s take a look back on all of the action from the past weekend so you can be ready for the week ahead!

Ghxsts x Cool Cats = Winning

When Ghxsts and Cool Cats announced they were going to collaborate on new NFT artwork, everyone knew it was going to be something special. Suffice it to say, they did not let us down!

The collab contained four pieces in total. The first of which was the -1 Cxxl Cat which was airdropped to all Cool Cat owners. This piece immediately became insanely popular for derivative artists with handfuls of Cxxl Cat owners creating new versions of the -1 Cxxl Cat but with the traits added from their regular Cxxl Cats. They became so popular that even Clon , the founder of Cool Cat decided to get in on the fun !

If the cxllab would have stopped there, I think everyone would have still been happy, but it didn’t stop. No sir, it went Super Saiyan. Over the weekend, Ghxsts and Cool Cats released THREE more NFTs in the Cxllabs Collection featuring unique renditions of Cool Cats with an amazing Ghxst twist.

The first Piece was the Ghxst x Cool Cats piece and it was released as a charity auction over the weekend. The auction closed with a whopping [54.4845 ETH sale][(https://twitter.com/Ghxsts/status/1419091928713469957?s=20 69957?s=20)) from Twitter user sighduck with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

The remaining two pieces were released as regular sales but only Ghxsts and Cool Cat owners were eligible to buy them. They each had a mint of 150 editions with the Ghxst Cat being illustrated by Ghxsts and the Cool Ghxst being illustrated by Clon.

Both pieces are absolute gems and feature amazing artwork. I think it’s safe to say that everyone else agrees as the pieces sold out in just 3 seconds and have already seen a lot of interest in the secondary market.

Bottom line, everyone already loved Ghxsts and Cool Cats but this collaboration just proves why they have been so successful. They set themselves apart by listening to their communities, constantly giving back, and just being awesome people who care about their fans. What more could you ask for? Other artists whould take note, this is the way to build a lasting brand!

With that said, let’s take a look at a few other happenings from over the weekend…

Joe’s Hot Takes

  • Barn Owlz were a hot item this weekend and building buzz
  • Polygon is becoming more popular with NFT Minters
  • CryptoPunks and Bored Apes continue to lead the charts in sales volume but Axie seems to be on fire lately
  • Biggest winner of last week was the 12-year old who launched Weird Whales

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